113 Year-Old-Man Reveals His Secret: 5 Foods For Long Life

113 Year-Old-Man Reveals His Secret: 5 Foods For Long Life


Bernardo LaPallo is not an ordinary man. Born in 1901 and at 113 he is older than any of you and that happened not by chance but by sheer discipline and desire to live longer. He has a few secrets though; five of them to be exact and he shared that so you can live a long life too.

LaPallo who hails from Mesa, Arizona claims that he has never been sick a day in his life and that he has avoid red meat and eats mostly organic food and vegetables. His secret is a recipe that he inherited from his father who was a doctor and a much disciplined man.

Bernardo LaPallo is already 113 years old and still kicking.

If you think that yeah maybe he’s 113 years old but can’t live decently, you’re wrong. He can still do a lot of stuff including solving crosswords and reading books – not ebooks, he is traditional like that.

We listed the five foods below for your convenience:

Garlic has been used in many continents as a medicinal herb. It has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that have been proven to work effectively without the side effects.

Honey, nature’s best sweetener has been featured in our blog several times for its wonderful effects. If you need a sweetener, our 110-year-old legend wants you to use this.

Cinnamon is a popular food enhancer and while extracts from the bark of the cinnamon tree have also been used traditionally as medicine throughout the world, the very cinnamon power you can buy in stores can lower blood cholesterol and prevent onset of diabetes.

The food of the gods is called as such for a reason. And if you think chocolates are just for kids or those with sweet tooth, you’re wrong. LaPallo says it’s a vital ingredient in having a long life.

Olive oil
Wars have been fought for olive and its oil. We’re not kidding. But today you can easily buy them in groceries and they’re not expensive at all. Incorporate it in your daily diet and feel the difference.

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