7 Proven Disadvantages of Green Tea

7 Proven Disadvantages of Green Tea- Reasons Why Green Tea Is Actually Bad For Your Health!


You’ve probably heard about all the different benefits green-tea has to offer. They say it can aid weight loss and can prevent cancer. Well, I’m here to tell you why green-tea is actually bad for your health! Like everything in the world, good things even have a bad side. Here are some negative effects of green-tea:

1. Caffeine
Green-tea contains caffeine. While it may not contain as much caffeine as coffee, drinking lots of green-tea can cause caffeine intolerance and mineral overdose. Excessive caffeine intake also causes anxiety, irregular heart rhythm and shakiness. You may also like to read: Green Tea Health Benefits

2. Osteoporosis
High caffeine in-take can cause osteoporosis in some people. And drinking too much green-tea can flush out some of the necessary calcium required through urine.

3. Iron deficiency
Green-tea hinders the amount of iron a body can absorb. It has tannins that block the absorption of iron.

4. Interference with medication
It is not advised to have green-tea with medicine because it has the potential to create complications with the medicine. It is advised to ask your doctor before having green-tea alongside medication.

5. Upsets stomach
Drinking green-tea before a meal may cause stomach aches or a nauseous feeling. That is why you are recommended to have it after food!

6. Pregnant women
Green-tea has negative effects on women who are pregnant and can even cause miscarriages! Lactating women are told not to drink green tea as the caffeine can pass into breast milk affecting the infant.

7. Dehydration
Green-tea is a natural diuretic, which causes you to urinate more and lose electrolytes. Drinking a lot of green-tea can cause severe dehydration too, if taken in large quantities.

It is advised to not have more than five cups of green-tea a day. Having more than five cups and, that too, every day will do more damage than good! You may also like to read: Green Tea Health Benefits

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