7 Utility Things Occur See More Germs from the Toilet

7 Utility Things Occur See More Germs from the Toilet


Do you think most bacteria are found on the surface What is home? If you are more bacteria on the surface of the toilet so you are not thinking about the toilet seat is actually a lot of things. And if any one of them may not believe you have touched Now look at this list.

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Cutting Board
A study by the University of Arizona in the United States Ari, it emerged that the cutting are 200 times more bacteria than a toilet board and the main reason is raw meat. In fact, there are several bacteria that are living in the flesh during cutting meat on a cutting board.

Smartphone or tablet
30 tablets in a British study, 30 number of smartphones and tablets were then reviewed an office toilet 600 units of the germs that cause gastrointestinal diseases, while 20 140 units and smartphones surprisingly toilet also found at.

Carpet or Rug
Bacteria that live in dead cells of the skin and fall in the number of 15 million every hour of every individual cells of the body, while the food-carpet components, as pollen and other secret things and why there are an average of 2 million bacteria per square inch section, 700 times more than your toilet as a whole, including many dangerous bacteria, including E. coli.

Taps handle
These bacteria handle kitchen taps and bathroom is the toilet seat handle 21 times more bacterial contamination may be more than 44 times.

Computer Keyboard
The food bhrskta hands of germs clicking on the computer.and pryuntysn was issued.

the bacteria can be everything inside the handbags.

Kitchen cloth or sponge
Which they are given clothes and a large number Escherichia coli and other dangerous bacteria in the sponge is that they are much less

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