Muhammad Ali Boxer Funeral Secret Video

Muhammad Ali Boxer Funeral Secret Video


Muhammad Ali ‘family member tries to sell secret footage of boxer’s funeral for $1million’

  • The footage was filmed secretly during a private service in Louisville
  • It apparently shows the champion being ‘lowered into the ground’
  • Ali’s relatives were reportedly not aware the burial was being filmed
  • A UK paper said it knew of two media outlets that had been offered the clip

A member of Muhammad Ali’s own family has allegedly been touring America with a video of the boxer’s funeral, searching for a news outlet willing to pay $1million for it. Muhammad Ali Boxer Death Date : 3 June 2016


The footage was filmed secretly during a private service at Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, it’s been reported by The Mirror.

It apparently shows the heavyweight champion, who died aged 74, being ‘lowered into the ground’ at the low-key event and his ‘family in tears’.

Neither Ali’s wife nor any of his daughters were aware that the burial was being filmed, according to The Mirror.

The paper said that it knew of two US media outlets – ‘one magazine and one broadcaster’ – that had been offered the clip, said to be seven minutes long.

Amjad Sabri Shot Dead in Karachi

Amjad Sabri Shot Dead in Karachi – News Updates


KARACHI: Renowned qawwal Amjad Sabri, 45, was shot dead in Karachi on Wednesday, two days after masked men kidnapped the son of a top provincial judge.


Officials said two gunmen shot at the windscreen of Sabri’s car as it drove off a bridge in the congested Liaquatabad area of the city, and a relative, Saleem Sabri, travelling with him was also injured.

“Two attackers riding a motorcycle intercepted his car and targeted Amjad Sabri, who was driving,” Sindh police chief Allah Dino Continue reading

supercomputer Hits 93 Petaflop/s, Tripling Speed record

10 million-core supercomputer hits 93 petaflop/s, tripling speed record


There’s a new world’s fastest supercomputer for the first time in three years.

A Chinese supercomputer called Sunway TaihuLight now ranks as the world’s fastest, nearly tripling the previous supercomputer speed record with a rating of 93 petaflops per second. That’s 93 quadrillion floating point operations per second (or 93 million billion).


Sunway TaihuLight surpassed another Chinese supercomputer, Tianhe-2, which had been the world’s fastest for three consecutive years with speeds of 33.9 petaflop/s, according to the latest ranking released today. Top500 rankings are based on the Linpack benchmark, which requires each cluster “to solve a dense system of linear equations.”

“Sunway TaihuLight, with 10,649,600 computing cores Continue reading

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