Benefits Of Smoking

Benefits Of Smoking


Everyone talks about the benefits of smoking. But let me draw your attention towards the hidden benefits of smoking.

The very first advantage is this that , no one can rob the house of smoker, because due to smoking his lungs get weak and he remains the victims of cough and in this way he keeps awakening and also does not also let others to sleep.

The second advantage I have come to know that a dog can not bite him because due to weakness he keeps a stick with him for the support and dog thinks that he is going to beat me so it keeps itself far from that persons.

The third thing, which is beneficial for a smoker is that, he can be suffered in T.B. or cancer. In this way he is suggested to have a bed rest and he spends his life calmly.

The great advantage which a smoker has, is that children do not ask money to him, because they know that he does not have a single penny in his pocket.

A smoker can not be suffered in malaria, because flies and mosquitoes remain away from him because of offensive smell of smoking.

Moreover, a smoker gets a lot of things from his relatives due to ailment. The guest keep coming and bringing different fruits and others things for him.

So, do not worry if you smoke, because you should think from now that’s what wrong if you are going fast towards your death but that’s no less than a blessing that above splendor are available to you.

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