Best Ways to Remove Nail Polish Without Remover

How to Remove Nail Polish Without Using Remover


1. Body Spray / Perfumes / Hair Spray

1. You want to remove your nail polish quickly then you can also use body spray or perfume. All of these contain the identical properties and work similarly.

2. Spray the cotton ball.

3. Rub it back and forth over your nails till the nail polish seems to be disappeared entirely.

4. Repeat the method you might like to.

How to Remove Nail Polish Without Using Remover


If you want to remove your nail polish, but you have no remover, here are some ways.

A. Spray Deodorant

1. Find some spray deodorant. Many deodorants have solvents that can be a wonderful remover for anything that can’t be cleaned very easily, from nail polish to markers.

2. Spray some deodorant from as close to your nails as you can. Make sure you don’t injure yourself if the deodorant has a quick evaporating propellant that will cause freeze burns— it will work better this way.

3. Rub your nails with a handkerchief or napkin. The nail polish won’t go away immediately; just persist until your nails are clean. Repeat step 2 if you need to.

Rub more thoroughly around the borders of your nails. That’s where nail polish isn’t completely removed the first time you try.

4. Enjoy your clean nails! And don’t forget to be more careful next time you do your manicure or pedicure.


B. Top Coat

1. Find some top coat nail polish. Or any nail polish you have on hand.

2. Apply it to your painted nails.Most nail polish should come off.

3. Quickly get a cotton swab/round and wipe it off. It should come off.Repeat this step if nail polish is stubborn

C. Body Spray

1. If you don’t have spray deodorant, then look for some body spray or perfume. All these things have similar properties and will work just the same.

2. Spray a cotton ball or the fluffy end of a q-tip. (To get the most spray, press the q-tip against the little circle on the nozzle.)

3. Rub the q-tip back and forth over your nail until it starts to disappear.

4. You may have to repeat a couple of times to get all of it off.

D. Hair Spray

1. If you don’t have any of the above use hairspray to remove the nail polish. They all have the same sort of chemical that gets rid of nail polish.

2. Repeat the above steps.

3. Don’t leave the hair spray on too long or it will dry on your nails.

E. Perfume

1. Use old perfume that you don’t have any use for.

2. Soak a cotton ball with perfume. You can either spray it on the cotton ball or dip it in the perfume.

3. Rub the perfume soaked cotton ball over your fingernails and on the polish. The nail polish will lift with ease.

4. Repeat until all nails are clean.

F. Hand Sanitizer

1. Find some hand sanitizer.

2. Squirt a little of the hand sanitizer on the nail. However, don’t use a lot.

3. Rub the hand sanitizer across the nails. Rub until the polish starts to come off.

4. Repeat until the polish comes off all of the nails.

Courtesy of WikiHow

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