Card Less ATM Service Launched in Pakistan

BankIslami Launches First ‘cardless’ ATM service on 5th March 2014

cardless-atm-machineBankIslami Pakistan Limited on Tuesday formally launched Pakistan’s first cardless ATM service to facilitate its customers. Kazi Abdul Muqtadir and Saeed Ahmed Deputy Governors State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) inaugurated the unique service at a ceremony at BankIslami Head Office. Hasan Aziz Bilgrami CEO BankIslami, Asad Alim Head Information System, George Flouros Area VP MEA NCR, Muhammad Faisal Shaikh Head Products & Business Development and others were also present.

پاکستانی تاریخ میں پہلی’ کارڈ لیس اے ٹی ایم‘ سروس متعارف

Talking to media, Kazi Abdul Muqtadir Deputy Governor SBP said the cardless service is secure and convenient to use for customers in both urban and rural areas of Pakistan. “This service will directly support the Pakistan’s literacy issues as there is no need to remember pin code now and customers’ thumb impression becomes its identity,” he added. He hoped that the cardless service will be more beneficial to the customers of rural areas.

Saeed Ahmed Deputy Governor SBP appreciating the launching of new innovative service said it a matter of pleasure that an Islamic bank has launched this service in Pakistan. “I have travelled aboard and never witnessed such service world-wide,” he added.

He said a biometric ATM is a unique and one of its kind proposition in Pakistan where a customer can access an ATM by providing thumb impression. “Now we can say that Pakistan is the technology leader in the banking sector,” he added. Hasan Aziz Bilgrami CEO of the Bank said BankIslami adopted the biometric technology to make banking transactions more secure. Now our customers can use ATM facility with just a single thumb impression. Presently, BankIslami has 160 ATMs, which are biometric enabled and by the end of the year we will add 40 more ATMs, he added.

He said with launching of this service BankIslami customers can withdraw cash from over 160 ATMs without ATM card and pin code. “We are 1Link member and customers from other banks may use BankIslami ATM with their card/PIN provided by the issuer bank. However biometric verification is only available to BankIslami customers and its ATMs,” he said.

Asad Alim Head of Information System said BankIslami launched first biometric enabled ATM in 2006 and being the pioneer of biometric enabled ATM network in Pakistan. Initially, BankIslami softly launched cardless service at selected ATMs in December 2012. However the service has now been made available across its nation-wide network of 201 branches in 77 cities, he added.

“We have our own biometric registration process and at the time of account opening, customers fingerprint impressions are captured,” he added. Biometric ATMs are used for wide range of applications such as banking, coupons and self service ATM. Most of the ATMs in the past have been using ID cards to identify users but with the wide acceptance of biometrics, new generation of biometrics ATMs are being deployed for wide range of applications world-wide, Asad said.

“Our ATMs have large computer CPU and memory that provide sufficient processing capabilities to support high-end biometrics verification or identification system to complete the transaction in a very short period,” he said. Biometric ATM uses customers’ thumb impression as identity verification which is unique in every person and cannot be copied or compromised like a pin code can, he said. Now all BankIslami customers can enjoy secure and safe ATM transactions with biometric ATMs, built with the state-of-the-art technology.

While opening an account with BankIslami, customers will be asked to register his biometric identification against CNIC. As per BIP standard, customer’s left and right thumb will be used for registration purposes. Once the customer’s account opening request gets approved, his biometric record will be linked with account through CNIC, he added.

On the occasion NCR’s representative George Flouros said that NCR is working around the world and with successful launching of biometric ATM, now NCR can export this technology from Pakistan. via: bRecorder

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