Kulfi Banane Ka Tarika – Kulfi Recipe

Kulfi Banane Ka Tarika – Kulfi Recipe – Kulfi Banane ke 10 Asan Steps !


(Stirring Meaning in Urdu is “Hilana”, “Harkat Dena”) Kulfi brings an instant relief during the summers. This is an innovative way of making your kids eat nuts, by adding them in the delicious kulfi. It’s very similar to the traditional ice-cream having the same taste and creamy texture but is ridiculously simple to make. Let’s try these easy steps to make Kufli at home.


  1. Full Cream (non pasteurized)
  2. Milk 1 L.
  3. Condensed Milk 1 can
  4. Sugar 1.5 cups
  5. Roasted Pistachio Nuts 20 grams (you can also add your own dry fruits, for example: walnuts, or none at all)
  6. Nutmeg powder 1/2 a teaspoon

How to Prepare – Steps (in English & Urdu, Hindi)

1- Boil Milk and keep stirring so that it does not boil over. (dodh ko garam karain aur os main chamach hilatay rahain takeh dodh obal kar bartan say bahir na aa jaye)

2- When the Milk is boiling, slowly add in some condensed milk. (jab dodh obal jaye, yani achi trah boil ho jaye phir is main condensed milk mila daye, mtlb cow ka dodh mila dain)

3- Know that as the milk thickens some more add the sugar. (jab dodh kuch thick/garha honay lagay to is main cheeni bhi mila dain)

4- Once all the sugar has dissolved the milk becomes watery again. Therefore boil some more. (jab sari cheeni dodh main mix ho jaye gi to dodh dobara say aisa ho jaye ga jesay pani, phir dodh ko thori dair aur boil karain takeh again kuch garha ho jaye)

5- Add the roasted pistachio and the nutmeg powder. (phir katay howay pista aur dostray nusts is main mix kar dain)

6- Once it is thick, the consistency should be a little less thick than the condensed milk you have added, take it off the heat. (jab yeh thick/garha ho jaye to phir is ko cholhay say otar lain)

7- Pour into the ice mold and refrigerate. (phir isay kulfi k sanchay main dal dain and freezer main rakh dain)

8- Wait until after half-an-hour, open up the ice-cream mold and stir all the contents up once more, so that no icicles form. (half hour/adhay ghantay tak intazar karain phir kulfi walay sanchay ko bahir nikalain aur dobara kati howi chizain pista aur nusts is per thoray say aur dal dain)

9- Freeze again. (phir dobara freezer main rakh dain)

10- Serve: remove from the ice cream mold and serve. (aur 1-2 hours bad nikal lain aur phir mazay lay lay kar kha lain) Courtesy of K Foods

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