Natural Remedy to Cure Baldness by Dr. Bilquis

How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster at home



Both men and women notice the hair loss of their hair texture. There are so many reasons behind the hair loss like genetics, age, pregnancy, illness, menopause.Some people use the different medicine or some go towards hair transplantation. But sometimes the easy way to get out of this hair loss is a natural treatment. Just try to stop hair loss naturally. In this video, Dr. Bilquis tell you the secret of hair growth treatment.

Natural hair growth and Hair BALDNESS:


She tells how to get rid of baldness in men and women both and grow hair faster. She takes gooseberry (aamla), White pepper (sounth), Fennel (sounf), wheat (gandum), choti har, kafoor, damasa boti, lemon, maza por, It is a antimony (surma). Tae all these ingredients in equal quantity and grind all these ingredients and then burn it and when it turns black.

Then grind it again and add filler powder (Multani mitti) in it and apply on your hair and leave it on your hair and wash it with water. When you use this remedy your hair will grow fast. Dr. Bilquis in the alive program applies her oil on different people suffering from baldness and shows live treatment of baldness. Aamir Liaquat invited different people in his program. In this program, Dr. Bilquis is invited and she tell the secret natural remedy to cure baldness.

Fast Long Hair Growth Tips

Fast Long Hair Growth Tips in Urdu – Balo Ko Badhane Ke Gharelu Nuskhe in Hindi


1. Kalay Mash Sabot (Kali Mash Ki Daal with Chhilka) – 1 cup

2. Aamla – 1/2 cup

3. Sika-Kai (Shikakai) – 1/2 cup

4. Methi Kay Beej (Methi Seed) – 2 table spoon

5. Lemo Kay Chhilkay sokhay howay (dry Lemon) – 4 Nos. (4 adad)


In tamam chizon ko pees kar inka safoof bana lain. Yeh safoof garam pani main adhay ghantay kay liaye bhigo dain, aur phir sar per laga lain aur taqreeban adhay ghantay bad sar ko dho lain. is say bal lambay, ghanay aur chamakdar ho jain gay aur bal girna bhi band ho jain gay.


How To Straighten Your Hair Naturally With Milk

How To Straighten Your Hair Naturally With Milk?


Are you tired of your messy tresses and do you plan to straighten them once and for all? Are you looking for a chic mane makeover but cannot afford the expensive salon treatments? More often than not we tend to compromise on our beauty just because we feel not doing so would put holes in our pockets.

But then, what if you can do wonders to your hair by using just some milk in your home? That would be great, right? Milk has many wonderful properties that can do magic to your skin and hair. Wondering how? Read on to know!

How Does Milk Benefit The Hair?
Milk contains two kinds of proteins, whey and casein. Casein and whey are both good for your hair. A low protein diet may cause your hair to thin or stop growing. Your hair health depends on how healthy you are. Milk protein helps thicken the hair and adds a natural shine to it.

1. Makes Your Hair Strong And Shiny:

Whey stems hair loss, reverses it and strengthens your hair. It is a supplement for building muscle mass. The topical use of whey stimulates the hair follicles. You can use a whey protein paste (whey, egg yolk, honey and water) to get healthier and shinier hair.

2. Helps In Hair Growth:

The other milk protein, casein, is rich in glutamine, which is an essential amino acid. According to the Society of Investigative Dermatology, glutamine improves hair follicle growth and therefore casein is essential for the growth of hair.

Straightening Hair Using Milk:

There is a recipe to make a milk hair-straightening solution! Read to know!

You Will Need:

  • 1/3rd cup of milk
  • A spray bottle
  • A comb (preferably wide-toothed comb)
  • Banana, strawberry or honey (optional)


  • Fill a spray bottle with milk. Coconut milk is possibly the best hair straightener (2). Although you can use any type of milk, the thick extra creamy milk will deliver better results. You can even consider using milk powder for the hair mask.
  • Spray the milk evenly on your damp hair. Remember that you need to condition all of your your tresses, so make sure you spray enough on the scalp as well as the hair tips.
  • Use a wide-toothed comb to untangle your hair. Do not let your hair curl up or get frizzy as it may trap milk, which will solidify and be a pain to remove later.
  • Keep massaging the scalp. You need to give the milk the time to soak into the hair, nourish it and straighten the strands. You can perform other chores like throw the clothes in for a wash, or shave your legs, or even do your nails, in the meanwhile.
  • Rinse your hair thoroughly, so that you do not smell of milk later!
  • Let the hair dry. If you have wavy hair, the milk mask will work like magic and straighten it. However, if you have curly mane, it will soften and condition your curls.


There are some cautions you should exercise before using milk to straighten your hair.

  • If you are lactose-intolerant, or have an allergy to milk, refrain from using milk to straighten your hair.
  • Comb the hair gently. Do not yank it, or you might end up damaging it.
  • The milk straightening technique might not work well on curls or perms.
  • Go ahead and try this home remedy to manage your mane menace better.

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Hair and Make Up Tips by Kareena Kapoor

Hair and Make Up Tips by Kareena Kapoor


Note for Urdu Readers: Urdu main Kareena Kapoor Ki Beauty Tips Kay raaz is page k end per diaye gaye hain, page k akhir main ja kar kareena kapoor ki beauty tips kay secrets parhain.

We’d never have expected this, but Kareena Kapoor believes that less is more when it comes to festive hair and make up.

The gorgeous actress says, “The more simplethe look, the more beautiful it is.” In a candid tete-a-tete Bebo tells us how to look resplendent this Diwali.

With lots of hair treatments and heat styling, your hair tends to lose its shine and lustre. “I like to give myself a head massage with almond oil whenever I can,” says Kareena. A good oil massage can nourish the scalp and help your hair grow healthier.

In the weeks before Diwali, see that your hair is healthy and your tresses are maintained.”Saif loves my long hair, he will never let me cut it. So to maintain my length and avoid hairfall, I follow a no-fuss hair care regimen with Head & Shoulders Anti-Hairfall Shampoo and follow it up with the Conditioner.Plus, it prevents dandruff which is such a turn off between two partners,” Kareena says. Her mum and she have been using the product for over a decade and owe their great hair to it.



Skip the elaborate updos and fancy braids. “Freshly blowdried hair is extremely beautiful, and you can do it yourself,” the actress explains. Moreover, a simple but well-done blow dry will not take away from your own beauty, but rather will enhance it.

Avoid experimenting with too many skincare products, especially before Diwali, as they might cause an allergic reaction or breakout. “I’m not too fastidious about my skincare routine. I keep it simple by washing my face with warm water and using a basic moisturiser,” says Kareena.

“Drink loads of water to stay hydrated and keep your skin glowing naturally,” she advises.

Indian women have gorgeous eyes; so make sure to draw attention to your peepers during the festive season with the right make up. “You don’t have to overdo it. Just outline your eyes with a generous amount of kohl,” Kareena says. The actress always carries a stick of Lakme Eyeconic Kajal in her handbag.

A hint of shimmer and shine is a must for the festive season. “As I usually prefer light or nude make up, gloss is the perfect way to glam up my look,” Kareena admits. She usually carries a lip gloss in her hand bag to retouch her pout between events and other commitments.

While Bebo keeps it understated and elegant during the festive season, there are times when she likes to doll up, and for that she choose her favourite designer Manish Malhotra.

So bring on the understated glamour with Kareena’s Diwali grooming tips, and you’ll be a hit at every party!

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Brown Hair Color Guide – Easy Way

Brown Hair Color Guide – Everything You Need To Know


Are you planning to color your tresses? Are you worried that your experiment with hair color may turn into a disaster? Well, reading this post may help you evade a mane menace.

Coloring your hair is one of the easiest ways to revamp your look. So, do you love the brown color but are not sure if it will suit you or not? Would you like to know how to select that perfect hair hue that will help you win loads of compliments? Go ahead and check out this post!

Types Of Brown Color:
Many people opt for the color brown because of its rich and lustrous feel. Brown tends to make the hair look fuller and glossier. There are various shades of brown you can choose from – chocolate brown, chestnut, milk chocolate, golden brown, caramel, coffee brown and more. Talk to your stylist and decide on the color, depending on what suits your skin tone best. After choosing the base color, you can move on to selecting the tint for adding highlights and streaks to complete your new look.

  1. Light browns work well for medium, warm or cool skin tones. If you want blonde highlights, light browns are the perfect option.
  2. For a sun-kissed look, brown and golden is a fabulous combination. These colors suit warm skin tones.
  3. If you have an olive skin tone, chocolate brown is the color for you. It also complements those people who have a hazel eye color.
  4. Deeper skin tones should try dark chocolate brown with soft hints of golden. The ravishing color combination in your tresses will make you a style diva.
  5. If you have a cool skin tone of peach and milk ash brown is the color for you.
  6. Espresso is the perfect color for dark skin tones and dark eyes. It is avoidable for people who have a light skin tone as it will end up making you look pale.

Highlights And Streaks:

  1. Highlights and streaks for brown hair can be a little tricky since the intensity of the highlights depends on the richness of the brown color. Golden is a popular choice for highlighting and streaks as it complements brown best.
  2. If you are looking for a bold look, red highlights are a fantastic option too. Reds stand out and give you a sharp finish. Coloring the roots red is also very common. If you want to paint the town red in style, you know what to do.
  3. If you have light brown hair, sun-kissed golden streaks are your best choice. For medium brown hair, ombre is the way to get that crowning glory.

Brown Hair Care:

In general, taking care of colored hair requires more effort.

  1. Use color protecting shampoo and conditioner.
  2. Go for regular hair Continue reading