8 Questions You Have to Ask During a Job Interview

8 Questions You Have to Ask During a Job Interview


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Don’t be afraid to grill hiring managers. Chances are, they’re hoping you will.

Earlier this month, I was interviewing a prospective designer for my company. The candidate asked, “Who does wireframing for your app, the product team or the design team?” A simple question. But it kicked off a great discussion about our processes and how he could contribute to the team.

I remember thinking, “Hey, we are already working together…” This candidate is now an employee and a good fit for our company. His simple question opened the doors for us to have a genuine conversation about each other’s motivations, needs, passions, and work philosophies. In my 20-plus years in the recruitment industry, I am still surprised by how rare this crucial conversation is in a job interview.

There’s no doubt candidates who ask questions have a better chance at landing their dream job. Here are eight of the best questions I’ve heard from candidates:

1. What role will I fill?

When it comes to an employee’s role in a business’s strategy, the job title explains only so much. You are filling a void on the living, breathing team. Is this company hoping for an ideas person, a mentor to other employees, a creative force, a rule follower, a rule breaker? Get to the specifics of “who” your position is supposed to be.

2. Why does this role matter to the growth of the company?

Use this question to explore the expected level of engagement. Are you more comfortable being in a low- or a high-impact role? Do you want to be in a role that is universally respected within the company or are you OK being the undercover hero?

3. Who would my colleagues be?

The best interviews include three to four team members. If that is not the case in your interview, use this question to gain insight into team dynamics and personalities. These are the people you will spend every day with, so they need to pass what Tom Gimbel calls “the airplane test“—someone you would enjoy sitting next to on a long flight.

4. What would I be doing that makes your job easier?

This question has two benefits—you will find out who is going to lean on you the heaviest and what you will need to do to keep the other teammates happy. The answers to this question will be the immediate problems each team member is hoping you will solve.

5. What are additional important skills I will need to do this job well?

What are the soft skills needed for this particular job? Find out if the company needs someone who is also a self-starter or works well in teams. This is also an excellent time to bring up any additional skills you have that are appropriate for position.

6. How does the company measure success?

Identifying how your progress in this position will be measured will give you a better idea of whether or not you will be successful. Get specifics on what your deliverables will be per project. Ask about common work habits of people who have had this position in the past whom the company considered successful.

7. What would you expect from me this month, in three months, and in a year?

Chances are that your employer has a trajectory for your role in mind. Find out what you will need to deliver in the next coming months. Ask yourself if this pace feels doable for the way you work.

8. What is your mission?

This is one of the most important questions you can ask. Research shows that employees are most happy when their goals align with those of their employers. Get philosophical here and find out why you are both here in this room and if you want the same things.

Repeat your questions for each hiring manager you meet, because you will get different responses from different people. As a CEO, I am often the last person in the round of interviews. It happens time and time again that I will say, “Do you have any questions for me?” and get a polite “No, I got a lot of my questions answered.”

I didn’t get my questions answered though. Keep the conversation going. If you want to work for my company, you have to ask for it.

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CSS Competitive Examination 2015 Schedule

CSS Competitive Examination 2015 Schedule




1. Federal Public Service Commission will hold the CS Competitive Examination-2015 with efect from Saturday 14th February, 2015 for recruitment o posts in BS-17 in following Occupational Groups/Services under the Federal Government:

> Commerce & Trade Group
> Foreign Service of Pakistan
> Information Group
> Inland Revenue Service
> Miltary Lands & Cantonments Group
> Ofice Management Group
> Pakistan Administrative Service
> Pakistan Audit and Acounts Service
> Pakistan Customs Service
> Police Service of Pakistan
> Postal Group
> Railways (Commercial & Transportation) Group

2. The number of vacancies to be filed on the basis of CS Competive Examination-2015 wil be anounced later.

3. The examination is likely to be held at folowing centres depending upon the number of candidates:

1. Abotabad
2. Bahawalpur
3. D.G. Khan
4. D.I. Khan
5. Faisalabad
6. Gilgit
7. Gujranwala
8. Hyderabad
9. Islamabad
10. Karachi
11. Lahore
12. Larkana
13. Multan
14. Muzafarabad
15. Peshawar
16. Queta
17. Rawalpindi
18. Sargodha
19. Sukur

4. ELIGIBILITY; Both male and female including disabled persons having at least 2nd Division Bachelor’s degre betwen the ages of 21 to 28 years as on 31.12.2014 are eligible. The uper age limit may be relaxed by two years in categories mentioned in Rule 3 of CS CE Rules-2015, subject o fulfilment of documentary requirements.

5. QUOTA FOR WOMEN AND MINORITIES: Federal Government has reserved 10% of the vacancies for Women and 5% for the Minorites within the share of provinces/Regions. Both are encouraged to aply.

6. PROCEDURE FOR SUBMISION OF APPLICATION: Al aspirants may aply online for CS examination during the period 1st October to 31st October 2014, folowed by submision of hard copy of online form alongwith al documents and Treasury Receipt of Rs.20/-, so as to reach the FPSC Headquarters, Islamabad within 10 days of the closing date as per procedure stipulated in Rule-7 of CS CE Rules-2015.

7. Aplication Form, Rules & Sylabus are available on FPSC Website www.fpsc.gov.pk



(i) Carefuly fil the online form. The hard copy of online aplication form must have the same entries as in online form. No subsequent alteration in the entries of online form shal be acepted.

(i) Deposit, before the closing date, Rs.20/- as examination fe in the nearest Govt. Treasury/State Bank of Pakistan/National Bank of Pakistan under the acount head “C02101-Organs of State Exam fe (FPSC Receipt).

(i) Atach al atested copies of required documents, photographs & original treasury receipt of Rs.20/- with the hardcopy of on line aplication form and must be dispatched to Secretary FPSC so as to reach to FPSC Headquarters, Islamabad within 10 days of the closing date.

(iv) Chose the optional subjects corectly in acordance with Apedix-I of the rules for CS CE-2015.

(v) Be careful that optional subjects & examination centre once selected shal not be changed. No request in this regard shal be entertained.

(vi) Corectly enter CNIC No. & date of birth in online form and in its hardcopy. Wrong entry shal lead to rejection of candidature. (vi ) Strictly comply with the rules of CS CE-2015 else their candidature shal lead to rejection.

(vi) Contact at he folowing numbers for further information or queries;

051-923282, 051-9210296, 051-9219845, 051-9213613 OR UAN 051-11-00-248


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