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Finally: Hidden Android M feature allows customization of quick toggles


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One of Android’s core strengths is its open nature — any developer can build on top of it, and many do. Given the platform’s scale, it’s unsurprising that this has spawned a number of communities that focus on modding the system in order to gain extended functionality. For years now, we’ve called modded Android software custom ROMs, though not all mods and hacks require you to flash an entirely new firmware. The byproduct of this activity is obvious if you step back — Google has a legion of (unpaid) developers contributing to Android, and a free pick of the features it likes best.

Over the years, third-party devs’ efforts have translated into functionality that, eventually, becomes available with stock — or Google’s — Android. In Android M, we already saw yet another great piece making the transition from a third-party perk to a core feature — granular volume controls bar. After some digging, however, we found that another often-requested feature may very well become a part of the core Android experience: customizable quick toggles.

In case you drew a blank at the mention of quick toggles, they’re simply the shortcuts available when within the notifications panel that you slide from the top. There, you have access to brightness control, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and so on. Until now, it’s never been possible to re-arrange or change these. In Android M, however, this may change, judging by a new feature available within the hidden (by default) Developers options menu. In there, you can find a SystemUI tuner option, which if enabled, spawns a menu of the same name in the root settings menu, as shown below.

For the time being, the option is quite buggy, and constantly causes the system UI to crash. Occasionally, however, it works properly, allowing us to change things around and even add a new, custom toggle. Due to the nature of developer previews, it is possible that this feature never makes it into the final, commercial software, so keep that in mind. If it does, however, Google will give many an additional reason to love stock Android.

Android M has arrived: here’s what you need to know

1. App permissions
First up, app permissions. As had previously been speculated, app permissions have been overhauled in Android M, with users now being able to choose to accept or deny individual permissions as they see fit. Permissions have also been simplified.

Permissions will now be requested the first time you try to use a feature, not at the point of installation. “You don’t have to agree to permissions that don’t make sense to you,” Burke said, and used WhatsApp to give an example of how this works.

If you want to record a voice message, WhatsApp will prompt you with a one-time request for permission to use your mic: if you still wish to give it access and record the message, you can, but you don’t have to. Android M is giving users greater control of the information apps can access, and this is a truly positive step forward for Android.

You can modify the permissions granted to apps at a later date in your Settings, or you can view permissions by type and see which apps have that permission granted. It’s all about giving the user complete control over their Android.

2. Web experience
Google has been exploring trends in the way web content is consumed to provide a better user-experience when interacting with websites and apps. “Chrome Custom Tabs is a new feature that gives developers a way to harness all of Chrome’s capabilities, while still keeping control of the look and feel of the experience,” said Burke.

Chrome Custom Tabs will allow apps to open a customized Chrome window on top of the active app, instead of launching the Chrome app separately. This will provide a faster and more intuitive user-experience when navigating between apps and the web.

Chrome Custom Tabs supports automatic sign-in, saved passwords, autofill, and multi-process security to assist the integration of the app and web experience. So, for example, a Pinterest custom tab will have a Pinterest share button embedded in it, can include custom overflow menu options and doesn’t require the Pinterest developers to build their own web browser.

3. Fingerprint support
Google will “standardize support” for fingerprint scanners on phones running Android M. The new functionality will allow fingerprint scanners to be used not only to unlock phones, but to make purchases shopping in real-life or within Play Store apps.

Of course, your device will need a hardware fingerprint scanner to begin with, but with Google’s full support, expect to see these appear on many more devices in the future.

4. Mobile payments
Android Pay is Google’s new mobile payments system designed to make the checkout process easier and faster. Google is aiming to provide “simplicity, security, and choice,” with Android Pay, allowing you to use your existing credit cards to pay for products in more than 700,000 stores in the US.

Compatible with any device housing NFC capabilities (and running 4.4 KitKat or above), the Android Pay platform is being supported by American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover, as well as carriers such as AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. Google’s response to Apple pay is here.

5. App links
“When a user selects a weblink from somewhere, Android doesn’t know whether to show it in a web-browser, or some other app that claims support for the link,” this was the problem facing the Google developers before Android M.

You may be familiar with the “Open with” dialogue box which appears when you try to open a link within an app on Android. You might be asked if you want to open a link with YouTube, or with Chrome, for example.

App links are being changed in M so that Android has a greater awareness of which apps can open content directly, instead of stopping users every time with the dialog box. If you tap a Twitter link in an email, for example, the Twitter app will open automatically instead of prompting you to ask if you want to use Twitter to view it.

This is almost a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it improvement, but it’s representative of Google’s attention to detail: Android M is probably going to feel more usable without the user ever understanding why.

6. Power and charging
Android M makes use of a new function known as Doze to improve device standby time. By using motion detectors, Android will recognize when devices haven’t been interacted with for a while, such as when a person is asleep or a device has been left on a table, to reduce background processes.

Burke said that Google tested two Nexus 9 devices, one running Lollipop and one running the Android M preview, and learned that M will provide up to two-times longer standby time. Even in Doze mode, your Android can still start alarms or notify you of priority notifications.

Android M also supports USB Type-C which provides faster charging, and lets users charge other devices with their phone.

Android M release date
The Android M Developer Preview is available now for Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player, and the final version is due to launch in Q3, 2015.

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Door Lock Operated with Smartphone

Door Lock Operated with Smartphone – Keyless Smart Lock


Keyless Smart Lock Operated with Smartphone

August is the new smart lock that automatically operated with your smartphone and intuitive iOS and Android mobile app, August will allow you to send a virtual key to anyone you choose to invite to your home. It is made from anodized aluminum, which is reportedly durable. The lock is activated and controlled through a mobile app and online access. It works in collaboration with the existing lock and is battery-operated. According to the firm, the installing process of August takes only 10 minutes.

Designers also claim that this lock comes with deadbolt adapters and faceplates that can be used with about 90% of locks currently available in the US market. It can work with any smartphone that has Bluetooth, however, the apps only work on iOS and Android. The locking technology being used basically issues encrypted codes that are unique for registered devices or the invited devices and restricts the copying of codes.

August can be opened by enabling the phone’s Bluetooth and then selecting the particular address from the app. The lock will then scan, takes a few seconds, and upon confirmation shall open the door. A doorbell sound lets the homeowners know when someone enters the house. Owners can also make use of the keys if they forgot the smartphone in order to save batteries. No need to panic, though, because the gadget emails the owners when its batteries require a replacement.

August keeps logs of when particular users enter and leave the house. This means that the owners can know how long the maid in the house worked for. Home owners can revoke the access of others whenever they feel the need. The lock closes automatically after 10 seconds and secures the door. It costs $249.

How To Check Mobile Original or Fake In Pakistan



Before you buy a new phone dial *#06# ,it will display the serial number or IMEI number which must be 15 digits and must begin with 35. Now check whether the number displayed is the same with the number on the battery base. If it’s original the numbers would be the same, if fake the numbers would be different. You can check your phone right now to know whether you are using original phone or fake phone.


IMEI number *#06#
Software version *#0000#
SIM lock info *#92702689#
Enhanced full rate *3370#
Enhanced half rate *4720#
OFF #3370#
To know the manufactring date dial *#0000#

IMEI number *#06#
Net monitor *#0000#

IMEI number *#06#
Default language *#0000#
Net monitor *3262255*8378#

IMEI number *#06#
Net monitor ON ***113*1*
Net monitor OFF ***113*2*
To know manufacturing date dial #02# . Dont send. Only available on C117,C115,C116,C118,C119,C126.

IMEI number *#06#
SIM lock info *#8377#
Security code *#1234# OR *#7489#

IMEI number *#06#
Software version *#9999# OR *#0837#
SIM lock info *0324#
Changing LCD contrast #0523#
Memory information *0377#
Reset memory (SIM lock revovery) *2767*3855#
Battery state *9998*228#
Alarm beeper *998*289#
Vibra test *#9987*842#

IMEI number *06#
Software version #6276421#


How to check mobile original or fake in Pakistan all details are given and after reading you can easily understand all procedure. In Pakistani market fake mobile Business ratio increase day by day because when we purchase any mobile phone then mostly we do not know how to way check mobile original or fake and this is the reality in market Branded mobile phone available with Brand tags but inside real story is they are fake and not original it looks like Branded mobile. Today you can get this interesting information all procedure available for you and you can easily understand how to purchase Original mobile phone so read it and stay with us. On below side we give some features if you understand all these features then you can more clear:

Check These Feature When Mobile Purchase:

In First Stage check mobile Warranties remember Branded Mobile give 12 month warranty and other fake manufacture not give you 12 month warranty. Check Warranty card with date and signature of shop keeper also with Shop Stamp. Do not believe oral warrant agreement because fake mobile seller focus on profit and they force you to get mobile with low price without any warranty card.

2nd Step is when you Purchase any Branded mobile then check Brand Name Spelling because mostly one word add in original spelling and you cannot check it if you purchase this face mobile then Original company not responsible give you warranty claim. For exam if you purchase Nokia mobile then fake mobile have Nokiia Spelling mostly you cannot focus on this.

3rd Step is if you want any mobile phone then use it in details check memory storage, keypad, call tune, ring tune if any mobile is fake then you face some difficulties like slow speed etc. one important thing remember fake mobile seller encourage you to purchase mobile without any checking they apply many tricks so do not trap yourself.

4th Step is Check mobile appearances like logo color, mobile body color, weight, screen size battery look and quality control Stickers if any mobile fake then miner change you can get so remember all these points.

After all these features you can must get IMEI number that number show you mobile quality but IMEI code have few meaning so you can understand all Digit meaning that given below now before the we give you one code dial this code through mobile Keypad and get IMEI Code:


Dial *#06#

Unlock you mobile phone if it lock type *#06# and press dial button then you can get this code.

When you dial you can get code like this that given below but not same it must be different. The International Mobile Station Equipment Identity or IMEI is a number usually unique to identify 3GPP and iDEN mobile phones, as well as some satellite phones. It is usually found printed inside the battery compartment of the phone, but can also be displayed on screen on most phones by entering *#06# on the dial pad or alongside other system information in the settings menu on smartphone operating systems.

IMEI CODE: 3 6 9 3 9 5 0 1 2 3 5 5 6 7 8

Above those number in available in red color that is 7th and 8th digit both number have meaning and it show your mobile quality with manufactured country name.

  • If these two digits are 00 then it means your mobile phone is manufactures in Original Factory that means your mobile quality is best.
  • If these two digits are 13 it means your mobile phone is assembled in Azerbaijan and quality of mobile is bad and it is harmful for your helth.
  • If these two digits are 02 or 20 that means your mobile phone is assembled in Emirates and mobile quality is very poor.
  • If these two digits are 03, 30, 04, 40 then it means your phone made in china and mobile quality is good.
  • If these two digits are 05 or 50 its means your mobile manufactured in Brazil or USA or Finland.
  • If these two digits are 06 or 60 it means your mobile phone manufactured in either Hong Kong, China or Mexico.
  • If these two digits are 08 or 80 it means your mobile phone is manufactured in Germany and quality of your mobile is fair not good.

If you remember all these things when you purchase any mobile then you can purchase original mobile phone. Courtesy of Sekho

” Wakie App ” A New Way of Morning Wakeup Alarm

” Wakie App ” A New Way of Morning Wakeup Alarm


Fancy being woken up by a stranger every morning? There’s an app for that

Are you the sort of person who always hits the snooze button when the alarm starts going off?

Then maybe you need Wakie, a new app that lets a stranger’s voice rouse you out of bed.

Don’t worry – this isn’t some seedy hook-up app that organises a liaison with the sort of partner who’d have you running for the door before 4am Wakie is only conducted through your phone.

When it’s time to get up, a random user will call your phone, waking you up with whatever conversation they please.

Similarly, if you’re wide awake and a user in New York needs to hear your charming British accent to get them moving, then you can serve as a human alarm clock too.

There really seem to be few drawbacks, as numbers remain anonymous so it’s easy to hang up on an unpleasant caller.

The app was created by Armenian Hrachik Adjamian, and it’s already extremely popular in Russia. Check out the website to download Wakie.


British Company Launches World’s Largest TV

Just In Time For The World Cup, British Company Launches World’s Largest TV


Short of being at the actual World Cup, the best way to watch the upcoming tournament may be on a $1.7 million TV that is the size of a soccer goal and shows the players at life size.

British company Titan has released the appropriately named “Zeus,” which at around 26 feet by 16 feet is the world’s largest television. Zeus towers over the previous world record holder, a $1 million Panasonic television which measures more than 12 feet wide.

Zeus employs 4K, which is the equivalent of four times the sharpness of HD.

370-inch TV costs more than the mansion you’d need to house it.

According to the Daily Mail, Zeus can be controlled with gestures, allowing users to change the channel with a wink. The screen, which adjusts its brightness depending on a room’s light, can even be used to watch 20 channels at one time.

“Following the interest in the launch range of our ultra-high end 173 inch (14.4 foot) domestic screens we decided to create something iconic,” Titan CEO Anthony Ganjou said. “And the team spent six months building the million pound screen.”

Only four of these televisions have been made, with two already sold. One of the TVs is thought to have been sold to a British millionaire who placed it at the bottom of a swimming pool.

Le Grand Hotel in Cannes, France, has one mounted on top of its building. via: the post game

Apple to Acquire Beats for $3 billion.

Apple to Acquire Beats for $3 billion.


Apple confirms its intentions to purchase Beats Music and Beats Electronics, thus confirming the long lingering rumor. ‘Beats’ Music & Electronics is the premium headphone manufacturers whose expertise encompass making earphones, audio softwares and others.Apples’ acquisition of Beats,is going to be the largest deal ever for the company so far, since Apple is not known big corporate acquisitions.

Earlier this month, the deal was reported to be of $3.2 billion, but recently according to New York Post the report said that Apple is acquiring the companies for $3 billion. The deal consists of $2.6 billion in cash and $400 million in Apple stock. According to the deal, Beats co-foundersDr.Dre (the rapper) and Jimmy Lovine(long time music executive) will join Apple.

According to the sources Timothy D. Cook, Apple’s chief executive, repeatedly highlighted the talent that Dr. Dre and Mr. Iovine would bring to Apple. He also appreciated the Beats music service, which creates playlists for subscribers.

Apple likes the business Beats has put together and wants to make new products using the company’s talent. Apple and Beats executives said the companies would work together to give consumers around the world more options to listen to music, but they declined to disclose plans for products it will make with Beats, so it will take time t see that to what extent the deal is going to be beneficial for both the companies.

However, Apple said iTunes, which sells individual songs and albums and offer a streaming radio service, would be offered along with the Beats music service.

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