To 10 Most Hated Countries of the World

Top 10 Most Hated Countries In The World

Hatred is an emotion, associated with some bad or evil events. Or we can say that there is some valid reason behind the disliking. We may hate some objects, people or places but according to researches, it has been seen that there are a lot of folks hating the whole countries. And all of them have got effective reasoning behind this loathsome. Mostly countries are hated because of non- cooperative behavior of people or lack of law and rules by the government. After conducting polls in different parts of the world, some of the common reasons were short listed and those specific countries were rendered as the most hated states of the world. Those countries are listed here given with the reasons. Friends! Let us read the list of the top 10 most hated countries in the world and without any delay let us find out some interesting facts about them.

10. Belgium
Well, the reason why most of the people hate Belgium may seems a little funny, but it is true. Most of the people hate Belgium, or avoid visiting this place is that this country is boring. The only thing people are attracted to is collection of special beers. Otherwise this country is not on the favorites’ list of a lot of people.

9. India
The biggest reason why world hates India, is its discrimination factor. Indians believe in cast, color, sex and race more than ethics and behavior. Indians give vibes to other nations as they are inferior (as reported by some foreign visitors). Moreover, the increasing rate of rape cases has also made this country unpopular especially amongst women. India also does not hold friendly relations with the neighboring countries which add hatred between the masses.

8. United Kingdom
Britain is said to be a greedy nation. It is now 800 years, Ireland is under British oppression. It is reported that in every continent, UK has oppressed more than one country. The slavery system was first introduced by British. They ruined Indian education system. They have also been involved in some major wars. All these factors make this state not a very favorite one among the world.

7. Mexico
Drug wars, illegal crime control, lack of proper rule and law and illegal migration of immigrants to American border are some of the major reasons causing hatred to others. Mexico can maintain a proper image by eradicating these problems through proper law and order system and hence remove the ‘hatred label’ easily.

6. Japan
Japan has got a positive influence in most of the parts of the world due to its extraordinary progress in technology. The reason this country is in this particular list is Japan’s historical conflicts with China. It is a common notion that Japan denies the history. Since the population of China forms a major part of the overall world. So, only Chinese hatred is enough to bring this state on the hit list.

5. Germany
Although it is long time gone, but still Hitler is the reason behind the utmost hatred of Germany. Not only Hitler but both the world wars (I and II) has also managed to make up this country on this list. On financial grounds, today Germany is said to be very successful which was not back in Hitler’s time.

4. Russia
Some of the flop experiments held by Russia made it the most hated country. Russian communism is one of the examples. They are responsible for destroying their own religion, culture and intellects causing social indifference and corruption. Plus, the countries which were in Soviet Union, like Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, hate Russia as they claim that Russia has been a source of a lot of pain to them. Let me remind you, Russia was once a super power of the world; and now its presence on this list proves the fact that humbleness is very important.

3. North Korea
The reason behind North Korea on the top three of the list is that this state is imparting a negative influence on the world. The government makes its people starve while indulging itself in weapons and missiles. The major reason why people hate North Korea is that this country is threatening and frightening the world with the concept of nuclear war. This state has got an aggressive and competitive attitude towards its neighbors.

2. Israel
Israel, up till now, is not recognized by most of its own neighbor countries. The reason is the constant war with Palestine. They are held responsible for killing people in the name of Judaism. It is also been observed that Israelis treat other nations as second class humans, which overall is the cause of hatred. Often (as we can also see on TV) people are conducting some anti- Israel protests and boycotts. All these acts show the intense hatred of glob towards Israel.

1. USA


America is one of the most developed countries of the world. Then why is it hated? The obvious reason is the brutal involvement of USA in wars and military operations in Iran, Afghanistan and recently in Libya. America is mostly hated by the people of Middle East.

Europeans have also shown their hatred in the polls and researches conducted to find out the most hated country. Moreover they consider their nation to be the most superior. No doubt USA is first on the list but still a large number of tourists visit this place every year.

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