How to Check Ownership of any Sim Mobile Number

How to Check Ownership of any Sim Mobile Number – Check Sim Ownership Name Mobilink Telenor Warid Zong Ufone


Check Your Number Ownership :-

1st Method:

for Ufone:
For Ufone:- Send Blank Sms To 696 And you will recieve your sim owners details in a few moments.
Price:- Free
by website or

For Mobilink:– Send name in a Sms To 300 And you will recieve your sim owners details in a few moments.
Price:- 3 Rs

For Warid:- Sms Name to 129. And you will recieve your sim owners details in a few moments.
Price:- 1.27 Rs

For Telenor:– Go to and register your number online after creating account for yourself log in to your account and you will see your account owner’s Name and CNIC number. (
Price:- Free

For Zong:- Go to or

2nd Method:
For All Networks:- Simply Send A Blank Sms To 667
Price:- Depend on you operator.
If not registered, register your sim otherwise it might be blocked.


How To Check Mobilink Jazz Sim Ownership Name

MOBILINK User Write Message Me Jayen And Type Karen ‘NAME and Send to 300 And Get Infomation.

Mobilink Jazz Check Sim Ownership Name Sms Charges

R.s 2+tax

How To Check Telenor Sim Ownership Name

Telenor User Apni Sim ki OwnerShip K Baray Mein Jan’ney K Liyee Telenor Ki Website Per Jaa Kar Apna Number Rigester Karen Online Account Create Jab Ho Jayga To Login Account Karen Or CNIC Ownership Name Maloom Karen , Jiss Ka Link Yeh Hai ,,, Yeh Service Bilkul Free Hai.


How To Check Warid Sim Ownership Name

Check Sim Ownership Name Mobilink Telenor Warid Zong Ufone

Warid User Write Message Me Jayen And Type Karen ‘NAME and Send to 129 And Get Infomation.

Warid Check Sim Ownership Name Sms Charges

R.s 1.27+tax

How To Check Zong Sim Ownership Name

Zong Customer Ess Link Per Jayen


How To Check Ufone Sim Ownership Name

Ufone User Blank Message and Send to 696 And Get Infomation.

Ufone Check Sim Ownership Name Sms Charges

Free Service Enjoy

Ess K Ilawa 1 Or Option Hai Sim Ownership Check Karne Ka ,

Check Sim Ownership Name Mobilink Telenor Warid Zong Ufone

Tamam Networks K Liyee

Blank Message and Send to 667

Ess K Charges Her Networks K Alag Alag Hein,,,

Ager Sim Register Na Hoi To Block Ho Jaygi,

Pakistan Mai Sim Re-Register Karne Ka New Tareeka Diya Gaya Hai Bio Metrik PTA Ki Janib Sey, Check Sim Ownership Name Mobilink Telenor Warid Zong Ufone

Jiss Sarfeen Ney Yeh Tasqeeq Nahi Karwai Woh Jald He Karwa Ley Nahi Tou Sim Block Hoo Jaygi. Aysi Sim Rakhna Jurm hai Jo Kisi Or K Name Ho ,PTA

Warid Launches Mobile Paisa Service

Warid Launches Mobile Paisa Service


Bank Alfalah has joined hands with Warid Telecom to launch “Mobile Paisa”; a branchless banking service which aims to provide innovative, technology based financial solutions to customers. Mobile Paisa currently offers customers with Over the Counter (OTC) facilities for making utility bill payments as well as Person to Person (P2P) funds transfer services via 2000 plus agent locations across Pakistan.With the launch of Mobile Paisa, the Bank aims to support the creation of a branchless banking and alternate payments ecosystem which is likely to augment financial inclusion in the country, thereby reducing the gap between the banked and the yet-to-be-banked.

In addition, Mobile Paisa will also provide bespoke products and services to Pakistan’s existing banking population, including solutions for SME, agri & payroll segments. The ultimate objective is multi pronged; firstly, to enable individuals to conduct transactions through a wider array of products and distribution channels and secondly, to eventually enhance access to financial services by broadening the banking population ambit – a critical gap which needs to be addressed in Pakistan.Individuals can use Mobile Paisa services by visiting their nearest Mobile Paisa agent location, Warid Business Center or Warid Franchise.

Money transfer through Mobile PaisaUsing Mobile Paisa Money Transfer, you can now send/receive money to/from your family and friends in a highly convenient, secure and effective way. You can use Mobile Paisa services even if you don’t have a Warid connection or a mobile phone. All you have to do is to visit any of our agents and begin using their services without any registration.

(Lahore) 1st January 2014: Warid Telecom and Bank Alfalah Limited have launched their Mobile Financial Service (MFS) by the name of ‘Mobile Paisa’. The soft launch of ‘Mobile Paisa’ has been announced with the tagline “Chalta Rahey Pakistan”.

Empowering millions of people, making their mobiles serve their banking needs, this is the first of its kind Mobile Financial Service in Pakistan which is launched in association with a corporate bank, Bank Alfalah Limited. Monet (Pvt.) Limited is the technology provider who partnered with Fundamo – a global mobile platform provider, to utilize its technology and offer branchless banking solutions to banks in Pakistan.

‘Mobile Paisa’ is initially being launched with quick and convenient payments of utility bills and the most secure money transfer facility across Pakistan and is scheduled to come up with innovative services the in near future.

Speaking about the service, Warid Telecom’s Chief Commercial Officer, Mr. Younas Sheikh said, “Mobile Paisa has been designed keeping in view today’s financial needs. This service will provide a secure channel for daily financial transactions such as money transfer and payment of utility bills. This is what ‘Mobile Paisa’ set out to innovate and we will keep on adding to the amazing features of ‘Mobile Paisa’.”

Commenting on ‘Mobile Paisa’, Bank Alfalah Limited’s Head of Branchless Banking Mr. Amaar Naveed Ikhlas said, “Mobile Paisa is aimed at making banking, money transfers and bill payments effortless tasks. In this era of modernization and technical development, it is essential to digitise and hence enhance transacting convenience through a secure and swift system.”

Discussing ‘Mobile Paisa’, Monet’s CEO Mr. Ali Abbass Sikander stated, “Monet envisions a collaborative branchless banking environment which enables the larger financial inclusion agenda set forth by the State Bank of Pakistan. We, at Monet, facilitate existing and new players alike in their efforts to promote branchless banking. Warid Telecom and Bank Alfalah’s collaboration for ‘Mobile Paisa’ is an ideal platform providing branchless banking together and interconnect with other existing players to extend the benefits to a wider audience.”

Monet financial cloud solution has the capability to host multiple banks completely secure and independent from each other. The platform technology and operations have been audited by independent auditors and SBP as well.

The following charges are applicable for each transaction:

Slab Start Slab End Fee(PKR) FED*(PKR) Total Charges(PKR)
1 1,000 51.72 8.28 60
1,001 2,500 103.45 16.55 120
2,501 4,000 155.17 24.83 180
4,001 6,000 206.90 33.10 240
6,001 8,000 258.62 41.38 300
8,001 10,000 310.34 49.65 360
10,001 13,000 362.07 57.93 420
13,001 15,000 413.79 66.21 480

* All charges are subject to 16% FED

Transactional limits for sending & receiving Money:

  • Rs.15,000 per month on each CNIC
  • There is no limit on the number of transactions per CNIC in a given month

Bill payment through Mobile Paisa

Mobile Paisa bill payment service brings you a secure, hassle free way to pay your electricity, gas, telephone, and internet bills. Now you can easily pay your utility bills from your nearest Mobile Paisa agent location, Warid Business Center or Warid Franchise.

Warid Ghanta Offer Package

Warid Ghanta Offer Package:


An amazing offer for Warid Prepaid Subscribers in which they can make long calls and talk their heart out.


To activate offer, write “Gh” and SMS to 3333.


Rs 2.99 + tax per hour (12am – 6pm)


– Daily rental is Rs. 2+tax

– Ghanta Offer will be available on all Warid Prepaid Minute Package and ZEM customers. This include (Minute Package, ZEM 30LCR, ZEM 60, ZEM 30 & ZEM 01)

– Customer will be charged on-net and off-net call as per package plan from 6pm till 12am.

– In case of low balance, Ghanta offer will be deactivated and it has to be subscribed again.

– Short code charge of 3333 is Free.


To deactivate offer, write “Ghanta <space> off” and SMS to 3333

Terms and Conditions:

Ghanta offer is applicable on Warid to Warid calls only.
This is a limited time offer & only for Prepaid subscribers.
In case of rental failure, Ghanta offer will be de-activated and it has to be subscribed again.
All charges include government taxes and levies as well as a 19.5% federal excise duty.
Each recharge done through scratch cards and Warid Ezeeload includes 15% withholding tax.
Using a SIM which is not in your name or allowing others to use your SIM is a crime – PTA

Warid International Dialing Offer

For Saudi Arabia, UAE & Iran


Warid now offers the perfect and most affordable solution to keep you connected with your loved ones in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates & Iran for just 25 paisas per second!

Make calls to both Landline and Mobile numbers of these destinations and keep in touch with your friends and family, anytime of the day.

Type “ON” in an SMS and send it to 3333.


Daily subscription charges of Rs.1+tax apply.

Terms and Conditions:

This offer is valid for Warid Prepaid and GLOW subscribers only

Discounted rate is applicable for both Landline and Mobile numbers of the mentioned countries

Daily rental of Rs. 1+tax is applicable. In case of rental failure, offer will no longer be valid and will have to be re-subscribed

Billing pulse after subscribing the offer will be 1 second for the listed countries only. All other international destinations will be billed at 60 seconds pulse

To unsubscribe, SMS OFF to 3333

Limited time offer

19.5% FED on usage and 15% withholding tax is deducted on each recharge amount
Using a SIM which is not in your name or allowing others to use your SIM is a crime” – PTA.

Other Countries Rates from Warid:

Country Landline (Rs./min) Mobile (Rs./min) Satellite (Rs. /min) Special Services (Rs. /min)
Aero Mobile 500
Afghanistan 20.00 21.00
Albania 15.5 25
Algeria 11.75 32.5 32.5
American Samoa 10 10
Andorra 8.5 22.5
Angola 13 16.5
Anguilla 13.5 21
Antarctica 250
Antigua and Barbuda 15 15
Argentina 3.5 15.5
Armenia 16 17
Aruba 17 18
Ascension Island 140
Australia 2.5 12 500 500
Austria 3.5 7 70
Azerbaijan 20 30
Bahamas 12 22
Bahrain 9.95 9.95
Bangladesh 7.95 7.95
Barbados 16 21
Belarus 23 25
Belgium 2.5 16 70
Belize 22 22
Benin 21 21
Bermuda 12 12
Bhutan 15.25 15.25
Bolivia 14 15
Bosnia and Herzegovina 18 27.5
Botswana 9.5 20.5
Brazil 11 18.5
British Virgin Islands 16 19
Brunei Darussalam 10 10
Bulgaria 9 36 36
Burkina Faso 23 26
Burundi 12 15
Cambodia 17.25 17.25
Cameroon 17 22 32
Canada 1.90 1.90
Cape Verde 25 30
Cayman Islands 10 16
Central African Republic 30 30
Chad 22 24
Chile 15 15.5 100
China 2.45 2.45
Christmas Island 12
Cocos Island 12
Colombia 12 12
Comoros 50 40
Congo 35 35 120
Cook Islands 60 60 60
Costa Rica 7 13
Cote D’ Ivoire (Ivory Coast) 30 27
Croatia 5 18
Cuba 90 90
Cyprus 3.75 7 7
Czech Republic 5 17 17
Democratic Republic of Congo 32 60
Denmark 2.25 16 25
Diego Garcia 115 115
Djibouti 35 35
Dominica 12 25
Dominican Republic 11 18 18
East Timor 105 105
Ecuador 16.5 20
Egypt 12 13
El Salvador 20 20 20
Equatorial Guinea 22 22
Eritrea 22 22
Estonia 4 35 55
Ethiopia 23 25
Falkland Islands 77 77
Faroe Islands 17 20
Fiji 25 25
Finland 10 16.5 10
France 2.45 11.95
French Guiana 9 25
French Polynesia 25 25
Gabon 40 40
Gambia 40 40
Georgia 11 16 25
Germany 2.45 15.95
Ghana 21 21
Gibraltar 7 30
Greece 2.3 15
Greenland 60 60
Grenada 18 22
Guadelope 6 22
Guam 8 8
Guatemala 15 15
Guinea Bissau 55 55
Guinea 40 40
Guyana 25 25 25
Haiti 27 27
Honduras 21 21
Hong Kong 2.5 2.5 2.5
Hungary 3.5 16.5
Iceland 4.75 20
ICO Global 500
India 5.95 5.95
Indonesia 8.5 12.5 30
International Satellite 500
Iran 12 12
Iraq 16 16
Ireland 2.75 22 22
Italy 2.45 29.95
Jamaica 9 21 21
Japan 3.75 11.5
Jordan 12 14
Kazakhstan 9 12.5
Kenya 12 16.5
Kiribati 60 60
Korea North 68
Kuwait 9.95 7.95
Kyrgyzstan 14 13
Laos 14 14
Latvia 13 60
Lebanon 16 17
Lesotho 22 23
Liberia 35 35
Libya 23 34
Liechtenstein 19 50 70
Lithuania 9 19
Luxembourg 6 20 20
Macau 11 11
Macedonia 16 32
Madagascar 40 45 120
Malawi 12 18
Malaysia 5.95 5.95
Maldives 60 60 105
Mali 23 25
Malta 11 23
Mariana Islands 5 8
Marshall Islands 22 40
Martinique 8 25
Mauritania 40 40
Mauritius 15 15 15
Mayotte Island 12 26
Mexico 9.5 16
Micronesia 20 20
Moldova 16 23 16
Monaco 8 35
Mongolia 12 14
Montenegro 15 28
Montserrat 16.75 21.5 16.75
Morocco 25 30 30
Mozambique 14 18
Myanmar 27 27
Namibia 8 18
Nauru 80 80
Nepal 16 16
Netherlands Antilles 12 16
Netherlands 2.5 16 100
New Caledonia 32 32
New Zealand 3.75 18
Nicaragua 16 22
Nigeria 12 12
Niger 23 23
Niue 85 85
Norfolk Island 125 125
Norway 2.4 15
Oman 13.95 23.00
Oration Technologies 500
Palau 40 30
Palestine 19 19
Panama 5 16
Papua New Guinea 60 60
Paraguay 10 18
Peru Lima 10 22
Peru 10 22 22
Philippines 13 13
Poland 5 18 18
Portugal 5 15 5
Puerto Rico 16
Qatar 12 16
Reunion Island 15 25
Romania 7 22
Russia 6.5 10 70
Rwanda 15 15 15
Saint Kitts and Nevis 20 25
Saint Lucia 15 20
Saint Vincent and The Grenadines 12 20
Samoa 60 60 60
San Marino 12 75 120
Sao Tome And Principe 85 95
Saudi Arabia 8.99 11.00
Senegal 35 45
Serbia 12 33 33
Seychelles 25 25 90
Sierra Leone 40 40
Singapore 4.5 4.5
Slovakia 6 18
Slovenia 10 30 70
Solomon Islands 70 70
Somalia 60 70
South Africa 7 15.5 40
South Korea 3 6
South Sudan 35 35
Spain 2.45 13.95 18
Sri Lanka 12 12
St. Helena 110 110
St. Pierre and Miquelon 30 30
Sudan 19 19
Suriname 21 21
Swaziland 18 18
Sweden 2.5 14
Switzerland 3.5 35 65
Syria 17.5 17.5
Taiwan 3.5 7.5
Tajikistan 13.75 21
Tanzania 22 22
Thailand 4 4
Thuraya 150
Togo 35 35 35
Tokelau 95
Tonga 40 40
Trinidad and Tobago 15 15
Tunisia 37 37
Turkey 6 11.5 30
Turkmenistan 17 17
Turks and Caicos Islands 17 22
Tuvalu 50 50
Uganda 19 15
Ukraine 10 15
United Arab Emirates 14.15 14.15
United Kingdom 1.90 19.95 30
United Kingdom (NTS & Other Special Services) 100
United States 1.90 1.90
United States, Alaska 4 4
United States, Hawaii 2.25 2.25
Uruguay 6.5 18
US Virgin Islands 2.5
Uzbekistan 8.5 11
Vanuatu 65 50
Venezuela 4 16
Vietnam 15.5 11
VISIONng 500
Wallis and Futuna Islands 60 110
Yemen 14 15
Zambia 7.5 14
Zanzibar 58
Zimbabwe 12 38 28

Terms and Conditions
All above mentioned rates are exclusive of taxes and are charged per minute.

For activation on postpaid numbers, please contact 321 for further information.

*This rate is applicable for calling only on T-Mobile, Vodafone, T-O2, Hutchison and Orange in the United Kingdom.

To get all International dialing rates and destinations on your mobile phone, use our International Dialing Info Service

Come & Get Warid Network Benefits

Online Port-In:


Port-In to the Best Quality Network and we will deliver the SIM at your door step!

Warid is known to facilitate its customers by providing them affordable and convenient services. Keeping up with this reputation, we extend our superior quality services to non-Warid customers as well and invite them to become a part of Pakistan’s most reliable network.

To join the Warid family simply visit your nearest Warid Call Centre, Franchise or Super Shops along with your ID card and get your mobile number converted to our network. All new and ported-in numbers can SMS ‘A1’ to 3333 and avail a flat rate of just 75 paisas for Calls, SMS and Mobile Internet! Not only this, but by joining the wonderful world of Warid, every recharge will get you equivalent free Warid minutes as a bonus!

Now everyone has a reason to be a part of the Warid family and celebrate!

::: Special One Rate for all services:::

– Calling Rate for all local networks: 75 paisas/30 sec
– Nationwide SMS:75 paisas/SMS
– Mobile Internet:75 paisas/half MB
– Bonus on every recharge: A Rs.50 recharge or more will give you equivalent FREE Warid minutes

Activation Procedure: SMS A1 to 3333.

Terms & Conditions::

Standard charges apply on international calls and SMS.

Free minutes will be added on every recharge of Rs. 50 and above.

Free minutes bonus will be provided up to 6 months of the activation.

Free minutes can be utilized on any Warid number in Pakistan.

Free minutes will expire in 3 days.

You can avail IDD bundles with this package as well.

This offer is for all new and ported in Warid consumers.

Standard call setup charges apply.

You can change your package anytime by dialing IVR 100 but you cannot go back to the Special Package once you have changed.

We extend an invitation to all cellular users to join the Best Quality Network with the ease of registering your request through Warid commercial website. No need to visit Warid’s business center to initiate your request or to collect your Warid SIM. With our online service we will contact your current operator on your behalf to verify your Name/NIC and IMSI. Upon successful execution of your request Warid will deliver your new SIM directly to your door step.

So sit back and relax as Warid offers you a customer experience like never before!

Warid – Recharge (Buy Scratch Card)

Recharge (Buy Scratch Card)


What is a scratch card ?

As the name suggests it‚ a scratch card is a medium of recharging your account by acquiring a 16–digit code and inputting in your mobile phone for activation of that code. Our scratch card is a rechargeable coupon which has a holographic scratch field. This silver panel needs to be scratched off before usage.


Scratch cards are available in the following denominations: Rs. 100‚ 250‚ 500‚ 1000


Warid scratch cards are widely available at all departmental counters and their retailers situated in all small and large city markets. It is also available at the Warid Customer Service Centre (CSC) in your city.

How do I load up a scratch card

Scratch off the holographic silver panel to reveal the 16–digit code.
Dial *161*[16 digit code]# and press Send.
Dial 123 from your phone and follow the instructions.
How do I check my balance
Dial *100# and press Send. Rs 0.10 + tax
To listen to your balance dial 121

Charges: Rs 0.50+tax


Warid scratch cards are widely available at all departmental counters and their retailers situated in all small and large city markets. It is also available at the Warid Customer Service Centre (CSC) in your city.



Recharge Value (Rs.)

Validity (In Days)

0-99 90
100-249 120
250-499 150
500-999 180
1,000 and above 365

Grace period of 90 days is awarded over and above the validity period


What is the date for revision of new validities?

The new validities will be applicable from 17th February, 2010 onwards
What will happen to the validity of my existing balance?

The validity of your existing balance is same as communicated at the time of recharge.

Is there any effect on my balance due to revision in validities?

No. There will not be effect on balance amount due to revised validities.

What is the grace period?

Credit Grace period is the period where subscriber is not allowed to make any outgoing event (Call/ SMS etc) unless subscriber recharges. In case subscriber fails to recharge account with in grace period, the balance will be lost.

SIM Grace period is the period where all incoming events (calls/SMS) are blocked unless subscriber recharges. In case subscriber fails to recharge account within the grace period, the number can be deleted at the expiry of the grace period.

Which validity is higher? SIM or credit?

As long as credit is valid, SIM is valid too. However incase credit is invalid, SIM validity shall be checked as per process.

For every re-charge, SIM validity will also be extended along with credit validity.
Incase of no or zero balance, SIM validity to extend 90days from the date of the last outgoing call/SMS, incoming call or GPRS session.
If there is not any recharge reported after activation, SIM will be valid for 120days from activation.

How can I check my credit validity?

Credit Validity can be checked by dialing 121 @ Rs. 0.50+tax/minute.

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