Amazing Idea of Fan Runs without Electricity

Amazing Idea of Fan Runs without Electricity Video


Magnets attached to vanes attract metallic clips fixed on the next vane, creating a rotational motion, as a result fan runs faster and faster without any electricity and power. If you are in search of the answer of how to make a fan which runs without electricity power then of course this is a simple but a very scientific trick to run a fan without electricity at home. must try this at your end and enjoy this amazing fan in this seasonal summer loadshedding


Shaheed Mumtaz Qadri Funeral Video

Shaheed Mumtaz Qadri Funeral Video, Pakistan Salman Taseer (Ghustakh-e-Rasool SAWW) murder : Thousands mourn at Mumtaz Qadri Funeral , How Many People Attend Mumtaz Qadri Funeral


Thousands of Pakistanis have turned out for the funeral of a former bodyguard executed for killing Punjab’s governor over his opposition to blasphemy laws.

Security was tight as a crowd of about 30,000 gathered to pay their last respects to Mumtaz Qadri Shaheed in Rawalpindi.

Qadri was hailed as a hero by Islamists for the 2011 killing of Salman Taseer, who wanted to reform the strict laws.

Thousands of police were deployed along the route of the funeral procession and in the nearby capital, Islamabad.

Qadri supporters threw rose petals on his coffin, Reuters reports from Liaquat Bagh park where the funeral was held.

“He lives! Qadri lives!” mourners chanted, the news agency reported. “From your blood, the revolution will come!”


Security forces kept their distance and stick-wielding activists of the hardline Sunni Tehreek movement, which organised the funeral prayers, controlled the crowd.

The coffin was then taken in its flower-strewn ambulance some 20km (12.5 miles) north to Qadri’s ancestral village on the eastern outskirts of Islamabad.

Altaf Hussain Talking about Separation of Sindh from Pakistan

Altaf Hussain Talking about Separation of Sindh from Pakistan


Altaf Hussain is guiding workers to fight for separate homeland

MQM leader Altaf Hussain who is in self exile and also a british citizen now is giving instruction to his MQM workers that you have to fight for separate homeland because we can not live in Pakistan. Watch this exclusive video that is leaked by one of his worker to the social media and News channels of Pakistan that how traitor of Pakistan Altaf Hussain is giving instruction via telephone to his workers to destabilize Pakistan.

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