Very Very Funny SHAMPOO PRANK Must Watch

Very Very Funny SHAMPOO PRANK Must Watch!


Shampoo Prank is back! This time I snuck behind girls at the beach and kept putting shampoo on their head over and over as they went crazy trying to wash it off! SHARE THIS VIDEO!

Now that was funny. I like how you went really old school with the silent film speed and vaudeville music. Had you filmed this in black & white too it would have been even better.


Spider Rain Hits in Southern Brazil

Spider Rain Hits in Southern Brazil


Brazil: Everyone will shed tears while encountering with their sins and good deeds. Rain of spiders can be seen below. This happened in city of Brazil where some students were dancing right outside their university of Brazil in Central park Brazil and this sad incident happened.

First of people thought someone tricked them like just for gags. Later on when a student of Brazil university handed out this little spider to his girlfriend, girlfriend shout out so loud and started running.

However people still thought this is mischief by someone who is willing to pay anything to stun them.

People of Brazil were quite amazed after watching this rain of Spider. However Langley who is student of Brazil university tried to explain media how this can be fake.

With giving report to news 7 he said someone from buildings above might have thrown these little creation to impact a deadly impression on general public, students and professors of Brazil university.

You might be thinking this is true and it really rain of spiders but you are not thinking the other side of the picture. Because this was a mischief by some students of Brazil university who got admission and accommodation from Brazil university just like many other students of university.

We have spent 46 thousands pounds on this project they said while talking to News7. Yout thoughts are highly valuable about this rain of spiders in Brazil near University of Brazil.

While some student were going through the road near to University of Brazil. They found out an amazing view of Spider falling out from rooftop. However at very first they thought these spiders flew away with pressure of air. However after two or three maybe four minutes they kept watching these scenes of spiders falling from sky.

After some time they found out they were watching rain of spiders in their beautiful city which is famous for bull fighting though. This was mischief by students of Brazil university who were standing on rooftop of the upper building and tricking whole city with rain of spiders near Brazil university.

Aaradhya Bachchan Injured after Shoot

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan gets miffed with paparazzi for hurting daughter Aaradhya – Watch video


New Delhi: Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan certainly have strong reasons to get upset with the paparazzi this time.

According to report in, the paparazzi in a mad rush to click pictures of the actress left daughter Aaradhya hurt. Following the incident, Aaradhya began crying and this made Aishwarya furious. The actress was reportedly shooting for her upcoming film ‘Ae Dil Hai Muskhil’ at the Mehboob studio, and the incident happened when she was coming back from the studio.

Aaradhya Bachchan injured after shoot, Aishwarya sad, Bollywood. Watch the video here


Rabia Anum Umar Akmal Story

Rabia Anum Umar Akmal Story – Geo News Staff And Rabia Anum Celebrating After Lahore Qalanders Win


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