FireChat, Now Send Texts Even Without Signals

FireChat Brings Its Anonymous Offline Chat Network To Android


FireChat is a new iOS messaging App that let its users to communicate with other users even when there is sparse or no cellular or internet service available.

Technology is getting hot day after day and people are also demanding for cheap, better, fast & convenient ways to connect with their families and friends. It looks like the Crowdsourced connectivity provider Open Garden just overheard their demand and rushed Apple Store with a new smart chat app called FireChat. you may also like to read:- fb covers , Health Fitness , How To , Vegetables Benefits , Pregnancy Calendar , Women Corner , Fruits Benefits , Beauty Tips

FireChat is a bit strange iOS app that let its users to connect with other iOS devices in the range; it totally depends on Wi-Fi & Bluetooth. The app allow its users to communicate with each other even when there’s no or limited internet or cellular service via texts or by sharing photos. It mean you can use this app anywhere even in basement of shopping malls and in university library as well.

As company CEO told GigaOm that “the app is only and solely for the purpose of social communication. Instead of creating a network of friends, colleagues or shared interests, FireChat creates a constantly morphing community composed of other FireChat users in the vicinity”.


CEO Micha Benoliel further said:

“We may think that we depend on the Internet for everything. FireChat proves that it’s not always the case, “People ask me: how does this work without an Internet connection? Thanks to the multipeer Connectivity Framework introduced in iOS 7, we are now able to deliver a best-in-class peer-to-peer chat experience to anyone with an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.”

Multipeer Connectivity Framework is a technology in which by leveraging one of the Apple IOS 7’s lesser features permits communication between users even in the absence of cellular network or internet through Bluetooth & Wi-Fi.

Micha Benoliel creator of the app also said that FireChat- enables device which works as a connector in chain, regardless of geographical area limit or how large network or such chain is, FireChat range will get expand whenever the new user login.

It is also reported that FireChat app will prove helpful in those countries of the World and in those area where there is less network availability & costly SMS plans. New FireChat app is helpful in sending of messages in emergency when there is no network available there.

For using FireChat app there is no need of mail or password just you have to download this app, use it & enjoy. It is also said that there is no prominent effect on consumption of battery in utilizing of this app. FireChat is only prepared for IOS 7 which shows that it doesn’t work on older versions of smartphones.

FireChat works on all iPhone models which includes iPhone, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPod touch fifth generation, iPad second generation, iPad third generation, iPad fourth generation, iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPad mini with Retina display.

you may also like to read:- fb covers , Health Fitness , How To , Vegetables Benefits , Pregnancy Calendar , Women Corner , Fruits Benefits , Beauty Tips

No doubt, it is one the impressive release by Open Garden while introducing a new kind of app but Open Garden isn’t the only one in the ground the footprints lead us back all the way to Foursquare which first introduced the same release. But this time we can see the future of communication more bright and rapid in a broader context. via: pakistan time

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