Habits That Keeps Your Brain Always Smart

Habits That Keeps Your Brain Always Smart

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Habits That Keeps Your Brain Always Smart

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It would not be wrong to say that the body no matter how strong you are mentally weak or if the proceeding is not possible to imagine a bright future, But the mental capacity to deliver on the rise, if not a magic bullet, but it’s weird, but perfection can be highly beneficial habits.

Yes, some habits can improve brain function, mental decline with aging while providing protection to focus during a task are also helpful.

If the same good things for the health of the brain go about adopting them permanently if you do not become a superhero in every age but mentally you certainly will help keep young.

Brush your teeth with weak hands:

If you use your right hand when you brush your teeth to use his left hand. There are two parts of the brain, according to scientific research, the right and left, to the right hand to the left and right side of the left hand works. If you exercise as your weak hand will be used up if significant improvements in parts of the brain and will only increase in the aging brain functions will be less likely to fall.

Close your eyes and take a bath:

So all eyes were watering, but closed for the entire exercise, if you close your eyes and your mind will bring into action the sense of touch to touch or remove the soap and so on. This process is faster than my brain functions.

Changing your morning activities:

According to various research reports its different activities, such as the morning after breakfast, get ready, a new way to walk or do anything to change your TV channel for children’s programs or activities stimulates the brain to the punch, etc. Large parts of the cerebral cortex and other areas of the exercise is that the brain is active during sleep are common.

Dining table seats keep changing:

Most everyone in the family likes to sit on their seats, but it helps the mind to experience change and the likely decline lessens with time.

Phase inversion care items

Family, clocks or calendars turn upside down. If you see something usually left side of the brain causes it identifies and focuses attention on the other hand, but the ultimate thing to see the right part of the brain network comes into action and what the ultimate shape, color and other things it takes to interpret.

New use of sense of smell

are starting to become, for the bus near your bed for a week to keep any of your favorite fragrance, so it sunghyn when awake and then repeat the process after bathing and changing clothes. For the bus near your bed for a week to keep any of your favorite fragrance, so it sunghyn when awake and then repeat the process after bathing and changing clothes.

Opening the window pane

Nowadays, most people usually travel in their vehicles during the AC drive, but on the contrary if you hold the glass under glass and the smell coming from the outside and then try to identify the voices of the brain to process memories Moving part comes into hypu campus. If you are moving into middle age or old age memory loss is to reduce the risk of various problems.

Coin playing

Just for the different denominations of coins in a cup placed over and touch them, try to estimate their worth. One way is to put your hands in the pockets of coins to try to identify them.

Different way to think of anything

Everyday your brain to think about alternative goods makes him stronger. If you are a fan of manual imagine the racket, a golf stick, stick flies hit, drum sticks, violin, shovels, microphone, baseball bat or something else may be used, not necessarily they are closer to reality, but it is very beneficial to brain function.

Throughout the day to create more social ties

Scientific research has come out several times that the social distance from the overall capabilities of the brain causing numerous losses becomes negative, So try to see that more and more people are doing it out of his home to small asyaءkrydny even have to leave.

Reading in a different way:

Newspaper or book in front of your friends or family read aloud Which one you will get the chance to spend time with But along with this they will be in different brain circuits that also moved quietly remain asleep during studying.

Unfamiliar dishes:

If you choose to eat in a week or once a month if you are brand new to the emotion center of the brain activity of the new fragrance comes in Which helps to strengthen the emotional mind and memory box is likely to be even stronger.

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