How I Check Veet is Original or Not?

How I Check Veet is Original or Not?


Original Veet Cream always available in market with two different packing as per weight, tube available in 25gm & 50gm weight packing and whereas the bottle/Jar packing available in maximum weight of 80gm.

NEVER buy a Jar packing if its available in 120gm/120ml as its China made duplicate veet cream which will destroy your sensitive skin. original jar packing cream works in 3 to 6 minutes, but duplicate veet creams need more than 10minutes, which is main cause to destroy your skin and ultimately its infect your skin which cause different type of skin problems.

Original veet cream jar having pink color cap, and duplicate veet cream jar having white color cap. original veet cream having no pic/photo on its packing even on bottle/jar, duplicate china made veet cream jar having pic/photo of katreena kaif.

original veet jar/bottle packing with 80g will be available in market in Rs. 150 and duplicate veet with 120ml available in less than 150, around 120-130.

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Here we are posting some images of duplicate/china made veet cream jar packing for your awareness, Share it maximum on facebook & send this page in email to your friends and family for their awareness:

in Roman Urdu:

Naqli 2 number veet cream ki bottle/jar wali packing 120ml ki hoti hay, jabkeh asal veet cream ki sub say bari jar/bottle wali packing 80g ki hoti hay. naqal 2 number veet ki packing per katreena kaif ki photo hoti hay, original asal veet per kisi ki photo nahi hoti. naqal 2 number veet ki jar/bottle ki cap safaid rang ki hoti hay, jabkeh asal veet ki bottle ki cap pink color ki hoti hay. hamesha dokandar say asal veet he talab karain, kiyonk naqal veet apki jild ko tabah kar day gi aur ap ko jild ki boht see bemariyan ho jain gi. original veet ki sub say bari packing 80g ki hoti hay aur oski qeemat Rs. 150 ki milti hay, jabkeh naqal 2 number veet jo k 120ml ki hoti hay 120-130 ki mil jati hay bazar say. nechay hum naqal veet ki kuch photos post kar rahain hain:

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Which Veet is right for me?


Whether you want a super smooth body for your holiday or a quick way to de-fuzz regularly, we have a Veet product to suit your needs! Just use our handy configurator below to find out your perfect match.

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