How to Become Healthy – 12 Easy Tips & Tricks

How to Become Healthy – 12 Easy Tips & Tricks


Sick of feeling rubbish all the time? Or perhaps you want to lose weight? Or just feel better in yourself? Well.. What ever the reason hopefully these tips will help you towards leading a healthier life.

1. Eat at least some form of fruit or vegetables each day. Although it is recommended to eat 5 A Day, sometimes this can be a bit extensive. However even if you do not eat 5 a day you should still make sure you are getting some of those veggies into your diet. Whether its a vegetable soup, a fruit smoothie or just roast vegetables with a meal you will really benefit all around from incorporating fruit or vegetables into your diet.

2. Lower your sugar levels. This may seem quite an obvious step however many people do not realise how much sugars certain foods contain and the risks that consuming high levels of sugars carries. Eating a lot of sugary foods could put you at risk of eventually getting diabetes so its best you gain control of your sugars sooner rather than later. Reducing the sugars in your diet could be as simple as cutting out fizzy drinks to putting one less teaspoon of sugar into your tea. It all makes a difference.

3. Exercise regularly. Again this may seem obvious but it is very important. Even if you do not like exercise you should try and involve it in some part of your daily activities. You could walk your dog, go to the gym or maybe even join a martial arts class. Do not make exercising a chore. If you do not enjoy your exercise you will not be motivated to do it and so will find it hard to keep it up. Find something that you really enjoy doing, this could mean instead of dreading exercise you will end up enjoying it.

4. Happier means healthier. Stay around people you love and do things you enjoy doing. This will make you happier and everybody knows that happier means healthier.

5. Get enough sleep. Yes it can be hard, what with so many distractions but if you have to get up at 6, then watching that great programme that is on at 11 really isn’t a good idea. Sleep deprivation can cause mood swings as well as faintness in the day and that is not very healthy. The healthy amount of sleep is 8-10 hours sleep each night.

6. Stay hygienic. Being dirty really is not healthy. Not only will it effect your appearance, it will also affect your confidence, attitude and yes your health as well.

7. Brush teeth twice daily. Again, this may seem an obvious one, but lots of people forget or maybe cannot be bothered to get up and clean them once they are nice and cosy in bed. Brushing your teeth will make you feel better, keep your mouth fresh, as well as mean you will have healthy white teeth. Brushing your teeth twice daily early on rather than later can save you a lot of dentist trips.

8. Try to eat smaller portions. If you want to lose weight and become healthier then eating smaller portions can be key. Over indulging can leave you feeling bloated as well as sometimes give you heart burn. Cutting down your portions will not only benefit you in the short term after the meal but also on the long term in your health.

9. Drink lots and lots of water. The recommended amount a day is 8 glasses. This can be hard and become quite repetitive but stick to it. Yes, water is not the most exciting drink out there but you will benefit from it 100 times more than Coke. Water detoxes the body as well as means that when it comes to mealtimes you will not be as hungry meaning that you will naturally eat smaller portions. Also water contains lots of minerals but 0 amount of calories and so it really is worth it.

10. Get up slightly earlier. It is good to get plenty of sleep however getting too much sleep will leave you feeling quite drained and tired in the daytime. Its funny how it works but try adapting a sleep routine so each day you go to bed at the same time and then get up at the same time.

11. If you smoke, try to quit. This will not only mean that you will reduce the health risks further in life, it will also mean that you will feel a lot better. If you quit you will automatically feel a lot more fit and healthier.

12. Do not snack on junk foods and resist cravings. So your on a healthy diet, feeling great and you suddenly get a major craving for a nice big bar of chocolate, what do you do? Ignore it. Snacking on sugary foods can lead to weight gain, a decrease of health and a guilty conscience. You may feel great while you are eating these snacks but soon after the guilt and sluggish feeling will come and you just have to ask yourself, was it really worth this? As well as this while snacking you may tell yourself, “Oh I will just have one biscuit”, however one biscuit quite quickly becomes three and then before you know it you have eaten the whole packet. Junk foods are addictive so the best way to stop them is just to either resist the urge to snack or snack on healthier foods such as nuts or a yoghurt. via wikihow

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