How To Check Mobile Original or Fake In Pakistan



Before you buy a new phone dial *#06# ,it will display the serial number or IMEI number which must be 15 digits and must begin with 35. Now check whether the number displayed is the same with the number on the battery base. If it’s original the numbers would be the same, if fake the numbers would be different. You can check your phone right now to know whether you are using original phone or fake phone.


IMEI number *#06#
Software version *#0000#
SIM lock info *#92702689#
Enhanced full rate *3370#
Enhanced half rate *4720#
OFF #3370#
To know the manufactring date dial *#0000#

IMEI number *#06#
Net monitor *#0000#

IMEI number *#06#
Default language *#0000#
Net monitor *3262255*8378#

IMEI number *#06#
Net monitor ON ***113*1*
Net monitor OFF ***113*2*
To know manufacturing date dial #02# . Dont send. Only available on C117,C115,C116,C118,C119,C126.

IMEI number *#06#
SIM lock info *#8377#
Security code *#1234# OR *#7489#

IMEI number *#06#
Software version *#9999# OR *#0837#
SIM lock info *0324#
Changing LCD contrast #0523#
Memory information *0377#
Reset memory (SIM lock revovery) *2767*3855#
Battery state *9998*228#
Alarm beeper *998*289#
Vibra test *#9987*842#

IMEI number *06#
Software version #6276421#


How to check mobile original or fake in Pakistan all details are given and after reading you can easily understand all procedure. In Pakistani market fake mobile Business ratio increase day by day because when we purchase any mobile phone then mostly we do not know how to way check mobile original or fake and this is the reality in market Branded mobile phone available with Brand tags but inside real story is they are fake and not original it looks like Branded mobile. Today you can get this interesting information all procedure available for you and you can easily understand how to purchase Original mobile phone so read it and stay with us. On below side we give some features if you understand all these features then you can more clear:

Check These Feature When Mobile Purchase:

In First Stage check mobile Warranties remember Branded Mobile give 12 month warranty and other fake manufacture not give you 12 month warranty. Check Warranty card with date and signature of shop keeper also with Shop Stamp. Do not believe oral warrant agreement because fake mobile seller focus on profit and they force you to get mobile with low price without any warranty card.

2nd Step is when you Purchase any Branded mobile then check Brand Name Spelling because mostly one word add in original spelling and you cannot check it if you purchase this face mobile then Original company not responsible give you warranty claim. For exam if you purchase Nokia mobile then fake mobile have Nokiia Spelling mostly you cannot focus on this.

3rd Step is if you want any mobile phone then use it in details check memory storage, keypad, call tune, ring tune if any mobile is fake then you face some difficulties like slow speed etc. one important thing remember fake mobile seller encourage you to purchase mobile without any checking they apply many tricks so do not trap yourself.

4th Step is Check mobile appearances like logo color, mobile body color, weight, screen size battery look and quality control Stickers if any mobile fake then miner change you can get so remember all these points.

After all these features you can must get IMEI number that number show you mobile quality but IMEI code have few meaning so you can understand all Digit meaning that given below now before the we give you one code dial this code through mobile Keypad and get IMEI Code:


Dial *#06#

Unlock you mobile phone if it lock type *#06# and press dial button then you can get this code.

When you dial you can get code like this that given below but not same it must be different. The International Mobile Station Equipment Identity or IMEI is a number usually unique to identify 3GPP and iDEN mobile phones, as well as some satellite phones. It is usually found printed inside the battery compartment of the phone, but can also be displayed on screen on most phones by entering *#06# on the dial pad or alongside other system information in the settings menu on smartphone operating systems.

IMEI CODE: 3 6 9 3 9 5 0 1 2 3 5 5 6 7 8

Above those number in available in red color that is 7th and 8th digit both number have meaning and it show your mobile quality with manufactured country name.

  • If these two digits are 00 then it means your mobile phone is manufactures in Original Factory that means your mobile quality is best.
  • If these two digits are 13 it means your mobile phone is assembled in Azerbaijan and quality of mobile is bad and it is harmful for your helth.
  • If these two digits are 02 or 20 that means your mobile phone is assembled in Emirates and mobile quality is very poor.
  • If these two digits are 03, 30, 04, 40 then it means your phone made in china and mobile quality is good.
  • If these two digits are 05 or 50 its means your mobile manufactured in Brazil or USA or Finland.
  • If these two digits are 06 or 60 it means your mobile phone manufactured in either Hong Kong, China or Mexico.
  • If these two digits are 08 or 80 it means your mobile phone is manufactured in Germany and quality of your mobile is fair not good.

If you remember all these things when you purchase any mobile then you can purchase original mobile phone. Courtesy of Sekho

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