How to Get Great Lips

How to Get Great Lips


Ever want to get soft, pretty lips? Now you can! This is fast and easy, and can be done in under 4 minutes!

Steps How to Get Great Lips

1. Brush your teeth so they are white. You can use brush ups, teeth whitener, anything to make your teeth look better!

2. Put on a moisturizer or chap stick to make your lips soft. This is very important because if you do not do this, the cosmetics you apply can dehydrate your lips and make them crack or peel. Also if it’s cold outside, use a chap stick not based on water (aqua), as the water will freeze.

3. Put on your favorite color lipstick.

4. Dab the lipstick a little with tissue paper. It is good to do so because you may have lipstick on your teeth.

5. Put some lip gloss on. It will add just the right touch.

6. If you have thin lips, wear light and/or shiny lipstick and lip gloss.

7. If your lips are plump, avoid shine and stick to dark colors.

8. If your lips are extremely cracked and dry, rub a soft bristled toothbrush over them for about 30 seconds to a minute, then apply chapstick. They will be instantly smooth!

9. If your lips are just right, experiment with cool lip colors like reds or hot pinks.

10. You can also apply lots of Vaseline on your lips and AROUND them just before you go in the shower. Keep it on in the shower but don’t wash it off! Keep it on for a little while and later just wipe off smoothly with a cold, wet face cloth. It really works.

11. Exfoliate your lips by mixing a pinch of sugar with about a drop of water. Rub the sugar water on the lips and rinse it off. Your lips will be perfect and soft. Be sure to put on a moisturizing lip balm or lipstick afterward so your lips don’t dry out. You should always put on lipstain, lipstick, lip balm, lip gloss, or chapstick to keep your lips looking healthy, as skin heals better when there’s a buffer between it and the weather or temperature.[1] On sunny days, you should put sunscreen on your face — including your lips.

12. Get some moisturizer (the thicker the better) and after you’ve brushed your teeth at night, put the moisturizer on your lips, rubbing it on your lips and a little bit around your mouth until you can’t see it. Then, get some more and dab a thick layer onto your lips so your lips look white (the color of the moisturizer). Leave it on overnight, and during the night it will soak into your lips and dry, leaving them smooth, soft and perfect.

13. Stay Hydrated! By drinking lots of fluids the moisture will go to your lips and make them lush and hydrated. It will also make your skin full of moisture!

14. Don’t lick your lips. Resist the urge to lick your lips, even when they are dry and chapped. When saliva evaporates, it leaves skin on the lips even more chapped.[1] Saliva also contains acids that are helpful for breaking down skin but which don’t exactly heal chapped skin.[1] Stick with a lip balm instead.

Courtesy of Wiki How

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