How to Make Your Life Interesting – Easy Tips & Tricks

How to Make Your Life Interesting – Easy Tips & Tricks


If you feel like your life is becoming dull, unhappy and unexciting then it’s time for a change! Don’t sit there thinking about how boring your life is, that will only throw you into a downwards spiral to an even more depressing life. Instead, do something about it, jump into action and make your life more enjoyable, no matter how old you are, how much money you have or how many people you know. Time is precious, don’t waste it.

1. A tidy house is a tidy mind so make your surroundings less cluttered. By doing this it shows to yourself that you’re making a change and bringing out a new improved self. Having a clean home will also make you feel good about yourself, help you to be more organized, allow you to have friends over more often without feeling ashamed, and save you time when looking for things. Getting rid of all that mess will make rooms seem brighter and bigger, therefore making you feel more energized and happy when you get up in the morning or get home from work.

2. Stop focusing on the negatives. So next time you get invited out somewhere, or you have an assignment due in, don’t let your brain fill up with bad things about it, focus on the positives and you’ll find yourself enjoying even the smallest things. If a negative thought comes into your head, then stick a positive on the end of it and eventually positive thinking will come naturally. For example, if you think, “This is so difficult..”, then just think, “.. but I’ll feel good once I’ve got it done!”. It’s far too easy to drown in negativity, but you’ll never be happy with your life if you just point out the bad in everything.

3. Get a new hobby. People have probably said this to you a hundred times and you probably just agreed with them but did nothing about it. There are thousands of different things you can do with any size of budget. If you’re low on cash then get a pencil and piece of paper and learn to draw things, or go for walks in the country side or along a river. If you have a bit more money then you could try dance classes. There are hundreds of types of dance so whether you want to get fit or gain confidence there’s something for you. Other ideas are scuba diving, swimming, yoga, cooking, archery, biking or learning an instrument. By keeping yourself occupied with something you enjoy, not only will you be less bored and therefore a happier person, but it’ll make you a more interesting person to be around and could make new friends.

4. Look on the internet and in your local newspaper to find local events such as markets, festivals, music events. Pick out things which you think might be interesting and give it a visit. There are often many local events going on, especially in summer, which don’t involve spending much or any money. By doing these things which aren’t part of your routine and you might not have done before you will no longer feel like you live a dull life.

5. Explore your hometown. When you go on holiday anywhere the place your visiting always seems so much more interesting than where you live. But really there is probably lots to do around where you live, you just haven’t bothered to look properly. Go to your local tourist information office and find out what the tourists do in your hometown. This way you’ll find there are many things to do. There may be museums, boat rides, art galleries or landmarks which you never previously noticed or took interest in.

6. Accept all invitations. If you keep coming up with excuses why you can’t socialize then people will just forget about you and stop inviting you out. Even if you’re not that keen on the people going, or the places they’re going to, try giving them a chance and go and hang out with them. Socializing with friends is an instant uplift.

7. Organise a party or a night out! Not only will the organising keep you occupied, but you’ll have a good night to look forward to, and then something to look back on happily.

8. Take time to relax. Whether it’s pampering session once a week, a hot bath or deep breathing every week, you need something to help you to wind down and have time to relax after a hectic week or to escape from your work or chores for a couple of hours.

9. Spend time around happy people. Avoid people who moan and complain about things all the time and look for people with a good sense of humour who have a positive outlook on life. You’ll find that their positivity is contagious.

10. Eat a good balanced diet. A balanced diet is good for you health, but is also good for your mood. A bad diet will cause energy slumps which will make you feel groggy and ill. As well as that, by knowing that you’re looking after your body, you’ll feel better about yourself which will give you more confidence and keep you feeling happy. via wikihow

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