How to Make Your Own Perfume – Flower Method

How to Make Your Own Perfume – Flower Method

Do you want to create your very own one of a kind perfume? Want to create your own signature scent? You don’t need special liquids and factories to make a great perfume; all you need is some time and some common supplies.


1. Collect some flowers that appeal to you. It does not matter what the flower looks like, you’re after the smell. Pick some from your garden, or buy some.


2. Fill a jar with odorless oil. Make sure the jar you use has a tight fitting seal or lid.


3. Cut the flowers off of their stems. Quickly put them in the jar of oil you prepared, and close the jar. Try to make them all fall in at the same time.


4. Open the jar after a few weeks. Pour it into an empty perfume bottle. Spritz on your perfume and you’re done!


> When adding ingredients, don’t go overboard. Decide what you want it to smell like and stick to it. Using too many ingredients can ruin it.

> Make sure to wash the container/spray bottle before adding anything.

> Make sure not to put to much water. Otherwise it won’t be as strong as you wanted it to be.

> If you don’t have a spray bottle, use a old perfume bottle.

> You might want to add salt to make it a sea scent.

> Sometimes “ambergris” can be found along coastlines. This substance comes from whales, and is used for making perfumes. via wikihow

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