How to Stay Healthy in Ramadan – in Urdu & English

How to Stay Healthy in Ramadan – Ramzan Iftar & Sehri Time Health Tips & Healthy Ways to Stay Healthy in Ramadan.


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Stay Healthy During Ramadan

Muslim residents in the Rochdale borough are being advised to stay healthy during fasting, over the period of Ramadan this month.

Fasting began last week for many Muslims in the UK, and will continue for one lunar month. Patients on regular medication or those who suffer from long-term illnesses, such as diabetes, are being urged to take extra care and maintain a healthy lifestyle during this time.

Dr Sonal Sharma, Clinical Lead for Diabetes at NHS, Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale Clinical Commissioning Group, has provided advice for people who are fasting:

  • Patients who suffer from any chronic illness or health complications should consult their GP before fasting to see if they can do so safely during Ramadan
  • Due to the variable pattern of fasting, it is important to keep a balanced way of eating food. This includes eating from all food groups, and not eating excessively.
  • Before you begin your fast, it is a good idea to include more slowly absorbed foods, such as basmati rice, pitta bread, chapatti and dhal. These types of foods will help keep the blood sugar levels more even during the course of the fast. Fruits, vegetables and salad should also be included.
  • When you break the fast, it is recommended that you have small quantities of sugary and fatty foods, such as cakes and samosas, as too many can make you gain weight. Use less oil in cooking and try grilling, baking or dry frying food using a non-stick pan. Have plenty of sugar free and decaffeinated drinks to avoid dehydration.
  • Check your blood glucose levels more often during fasting
  • Speak to your GP if you are planning to fast

Dr Sharma said: “We want to support people in observing their faith so it is important that we give them advice that has been approved both medically and from a religious point of view.

“Following a well-balanced diet during fasting can also be good for your health as it is a great opportunity to lose weight and become healthier or to quit bad habits such as smoking. You can seek smoking cessation support from your GP practice for help with stopping smoking.”

If you have any concerns about you or your family’s health during fasting, please speak to your GP practice.

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