Imran Khan Persists on Boycotting Geo TV

Imran Khan Persists on Boycotting Geo TV


Imran Khan Still Persists Former Legendary Pakistan Captain and PTI Chairman Imran Khan boycotted Geo News and Jang Media Group few months ago and he is still persisting on it at every occasion of political activity. Pakistan’s hero and voice of the nation Imran Khan alleged the owner of Mir Shakeel-ur-Rahman on supporting Nawaz Sharif in General Election 2013 through his media group. The false reporting on murder attempt of senior journalist Hamid Mir against ISI Chief and Pakistan Army forced PTI Chairman to announce the boycott of Jang and Geo Group.

Earlier in the late months of 2013, the leadership of PTI issued a white paper on election rigging and demanded fair and independent inquiry but Nawaz regime didn’t pay any attention to it. Few media houses including Geo criticized Imran Khan on this issue and support new regime of Nawaz Sharif. On that attitude PTI leadership has decided to protest against systematic election rigging and provided evidence against different players including media house of Mir Shakeel-ur-Rahman.

On the other hand Geo and Jang Group has launched a campaign against Imran Khan and started character assassination of him. By doing so, Geo has lost its credibility in public and announcement of boycott from Imran added fuel to fire. It was not the first time when Geo News has done character assassination of renowned personalities of Pakistan and violates the code of conduct many times. The undue favor of government institutions helps Geo to violate the ethics of journalism.

The role of Mir Shakeel-ur-Rahman in the recent political scenario, while PTI Chairman Imran Khan and religious scholar Tahir-ul-Qadri protesting against current regime, has to be noticed. He is using Jang and Geo Group to protect his personal interests through spreading false news against IK and TuQ. But all in vein both the leaders are gaining popularity among common people living in Pakistan or abroad. And the boycott from Imran Khan and common man is still going on.

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