Natural Remedy to Cure Baldness by Dr. Bilquis

How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster at home



Both men and women notice the hair loss of their hair texture. There are so many reasons behind the hair loss like genetics, age, pregnancy, illness, menopause.Some people use the different medicine or some go towards hair transplantation. But sometimes the easy way to get out of this hair loss is a natural treatment. Just try to stop hair loss naturally. In this video, Dr. Bilquis tell you the secret of hair growth treatment.

Natural hair growth and Hair BALDNESS:


She tells how to get rid of baldness in men and women both and grow hair faster. She takes gooseberry (aamla), White pepper (sounth), Fennel (sounf), wheat (gandum), choti har, kafoor, damasa boti, lemon, maza por, It is a antimony (surma). Tae all these ingredients in equal quantity and grind all these ingredients and then burn it and when it turns black.

Then grind it again and add filler powder (Multani mitti) in it and apply on your hair and leave it on your hair and wash it with water. When you use this remedy your hair will grow fast. Dr. Bilquis in the alive program applies her oil on different people suffering from baldness and shows live treatment of baldness. Aamir Liaquat invited different people in his program. In this program, Dr. Bilquis is invited and she tell the secret natural remedy to cure baldness.

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