Pakistan Defence Day Speech in English

Pakistan Defence Day Speech in English



Dear Mr . President and respected audience,

With due respect and great reverence

We are celebrating the day of defence

A cunning enemy we had to face

But we accomplished our work with grace

Yes my dear countrymen on 6 th September, 1965 is the day when India attacked our dear home land in the darkness of night like a cunning thief. The Indians were so sure of their success that they settled among themselves to celebrate the victory a few hours later in Lahore Gymkhana Club, They were armed with all kinds of weapons.. Dear Mr. President, as history tells us that Abraha who was a nonbeliever and an arrogant king attacked the sacred house of Allah led his army with black elephants. In the same manner India attacked our country while their black Russian and American tanks were ahead of them and their vulture like fighter planes hovering above in the air. But what a courage, boldness and bravery was demonstrated by the Pakistani nation. As soon as the news of the attack was heard, a wave of oneness, boldness, sacrifice and patriotism ran through the whole nation.

Dear Mr. President, In this war which continued for seventeen days the enemy, who had come to occupy whole of the West Pakistan cut a sorry figure and was unable to get any thing except a horrible defeat and humiliation. Indians had not only to retreat but lost a mentionable area including a big city of Khamekaran. A large number of Indian soldiers lost their lives and were captured by our army. In these circumstances India had to beg for the cease fire through its friendly country Russia and thus the war came to an end.

Dear Mr. President and respected audience, Now I shall narrate briefly, what we got in this war. We got a dazzling victory over a cunning enemy. We got the sympathy and appreciation of all the countries and the nations and above all we got an emotion of unity, oneness, love and pride in our being Muslims and Pakistanis.Our poets, writers and singers paid homage to our great martyrs and brave warriors in such a splendid way as will always be remembered.

6 September calls upon us to always remember those seventeen days of the pride of our nation and try our utmost to maintain our grace and dignity in the same way. May Allah help us in this essential task. Pakistan zindah bad Pakistan army paindah bad. Amen.


Another Speech


Bazo tera towheed ki quat se qavi hay
Islam tera des hay to Mustafvi hay

Mr President, my worthy classfellows and respected audience! Today, the topic of my debate is “Defence day of Pakistan”. Today is the 6th of September . We proudly celebrate it as defence day of our sweet motherland. The entire world knows that in 1965, how the fearless, courageous and daring tigers of Pakistan Army crushed the planned, organized and
secret aggression of the enemy . They reduced all the pride and boldness of the large Indian Army to ashes. In the words of Iqbal:

Dusht to dashat durya bhi na chchoray hum nay
behray zulmat main dora diay ghoray hum nay

Brothers and Sisters, Pakistan was not had as a charity. It was not made to secure land.  And it not made in a day. Pakistan is a result of Islamic ideology . Its foundation lies in the two-Nation theory of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, in the efforts of Ali Brethren, in the bold step of Molvi Faza ul Haq, in the dreams of Allamh Muhammad Iqbal and finally in the undefeatable leader ship of Quaide Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Mr President! During the PAKISTAN Movement for the liberation of Indian Muslims, Quaide Azam Made it clear that we —-Muslims are not a minority; we are a nation according to the definition of the word ” Nation”. Our religion, our culture, our history, our ways of thinking —-even every walk of life is not only differ with those of the Hindus but their heroes are also our enemies and our heroes are considered enemies by them. When we can not even eat together —-what about one country. so, the Quaed warned, “we are decided, determined and ready to have a country of our own., We do not want to get it for the sake of securing a piece of land.Rather we wish to secure a laboratory, where we would be independent and implement our ideology of Islam”.

Dear fellows, For accomplishing this ideal, the Muslim nation merged into one unit under the flag of Muslim League and the leadership of Quaide Azam. They decided to do or die but to have Pakistan. To this end, our forefathers laid their lives, sacrificed their sleep, spent all their riches—–forgot everything but Pakistan. By the Grace of God, Al-Mighty, Pakistan came into being on the 14th of August, 1947.

But Mr. President! Hindus Still continued their fake pride of numerous strength in the minds. So, their hearts did not accept Pakistan as prospering and progressing. In short, they did their best and attacked Pakistan in 1965 with their full might in the darkness of midnight. Hence, Pakistan was far scattered but its people were one—the Muslims. Fort of Islam proved a fortress for the enemy and one each and every front whether land, air or sea; the fate of Indians were defeat, cowardice and humiliation. They forget to learn that Pakistan Army were the heirs of Khalid bin walleed, Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi, Muhammad bin Qasim, Ghuri and Tipu.

Taighoon ke say main ham pul kar jawan hoiy hain
Khanjer hilal ka hay Qumi nishan hamara

Respected audience! Let’s aim together. We shall work hard, excel in all fields of learning and warfare. Defend our country till death. We shall made the flag of Pakistan up stand in the comity of nations. Being Young falcon, our message the Pakistan and Muslim
Ummah is:

Aay watan teri faseeloon pah her ik sumt
Hum loog abhi zinda o baidar kharay hain!

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