Question # 3: Is Santiago believer of Christianity?

Question # 3: Is Santiago believer of Christianity? Justify or otherwise your answer.

Answer: Santiago has been introduced as a religious old fisherman but, he is, however, not a staunch believer in Christianity. When he suffers and is engaged in his struggle with a big fish, the marlin, he says that although he is not a religious fellow, yet he is believer in Christianity.

‘Blessed Virgin pray for this fish, wonderful thought he is’

Santiago’s allusion to Christ to God and to Virgin is simple appeal to strengthen him when he is in trouble. Before he is able to hook the fish, the Marlin, he exclaims with uncertainty.

‘Christ know he (Marlin) cannot have gone.’

When his left hand has become temporarily useless, he says:

‘God help me to have the cramp go.’

Nevertheless, he does not solely depend upon God’s help. He massages his cramped hand and exposes it to the sun. He, however, think that his prayers to God, to Christ, and to Virgin may also help him. So Santiago’s faith and belief in God is not sole but man’s capacity to endless suffering.

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