Reality of Co Education Schooling in Pakistan – Video

Reality of Co Education Schooling in Pakistan

Modern Education System or Sex Nurseries? Think about it again pls.

 As we know in present without education there is nothing and it is very important in this modern age,span of science and technology.If we go in past and talk about the education then in 19’s education plays a vital role in the country advancement and development. There were no modernization and globalization that time.

In 1947 Pakistan appeared on the world as a Muslim country and in 1956 Pakistan declared Islamic Republic of Pakistan,based on this name its clearly shows that Pakistan’s new path will be followed by Islamic law and system. In 2010 after harassed and harried by Modernization and globalization Pakistani nation split into less than 10% Islamic and 90% republic(modernize).


Once it was a time when nation schools and universities use to produce successful scientist,sportsmen,doctors for the nation like ALLAMA IQBAL,DOCTOR ABDUL QADEER KHAN,RASHID MINACH,SHAHID AFRIDI and many more like this.In evening when kids and boys took participate in different sports activities. But now its look like a past scene. Toady every one is going to education center in evening.Its good!!!But every body knows what the main purpose behind this regularity to study or to meet with your loved one there.Before the 2001 Coeducation system was running well in Pakistan but in some limits and boundaries.

In 2001 Pak govt closed many Madre in the name of terrorism. The educational system which had already been corrupted and destroyed by ort irresponsible behavior about education helps and open the door for modern education system to take place for the local madras education system. Due to this many families send their children in modern schools.As Madarassas were shutting off and schools took over.

Big businessmen and some international groups found it to be a great business with lot of profit. Then schools becomes a business unit rather than a Centre for education’ many names come forth and they wanted to put forth all such things that would attract more and more youth to their collages and universities. These groups used the way of coeducation and luxuries like high building and air conditioned class rooms as a weapons to attract more students only to increase the strength. And then we have seen a different sight in those schools who ever organized debate contest in their class rooms and halls & where the students used to take a great studies to chrome their talent which now changed to dancing class and used for fun.

The university which produce a great doctors,engineers and scientists Here I raised a questions that if Our schools,colleges and universities when they walk together on this way then which product came in the society?? And what will be the future of his nation??

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