Shahrukh Khan 8 Pack Abs Secret Revealed

Shahrukh Khan 8 Pack Abs Secret Revealed


Impressed by the eight-pack abs that Shah Rukh Khan has built for his next film Happy New Year? Of course you are. Every guy now wants eight-pack abs, (thanks to SRK, six-packs are now passe) and every girl wants her beau to have that body. We got the man who helped SRK get these abs to reveal the secret behind that muscular body. The star’s trainer of the last two decades — Prashant Sawant — tells all. Read on…

It took SRK six months!

Says Prashant, “There isn’t much difference between building six or eight-pack abs except more hard work. What is essential is right training and passion. People should build their body according to their lifestyle. I don’t have cheat days. Instead, I tell people to diet one day and eat normally the rest of the days. Anybody can get eight-pack abs if they work out as rigorously as Shah Rukh did with discipline, passion and the correct training. I’ve worked with him since Asoka. Training differs from person to how a person and their energy levels. It took Shah Rukh just six months to build his eight-pack abs. It would take a layman a year to do the same. Shah Rukh’s metabolic rate is high, post Chennai Express he underwent shoulder surgery. We started rehab training. Then he met with an accident, hurting his knee on the sets of Happy New Year. It took two-and-a-half months to recover. He couldn’t even lift one pound during that time.”


The SRK way

“SRK worked out for six months rigorously. He has great energy but he wasn’t sure if he could. He is shy about his body. SRK has an athletes body that is required for that. We have a picture of SRK with his six-pack abs in the gym and we both knew that we needed something better to replace that picture. He has always had faith in me and believes in what I ask him to do — whether it’s diets or workouts. He would always follow the new techniques, improvisations and workouts I would set for him. He never questions what I ask him to do. That bonding has helped us achieve impossible tasks. People are going to be shocked that at the age of 49, Shah Rukh has built this kind of body. He’s inspiring lots of people, especially those who are couch potatoes and setting examples for those with medical problems. He’s built this kind of body despite his injuries and is a trendsetter. If he can, anybody can. He has proved that if you’re passionate, determined and dedicated enough, you can. He has immense self-control. He always eats healthy food, is a light eater and isn’t fussy. He always eats the right portions and never overeats, even at parties and during festivals. He’s a true sportsperson — he’s played hockey, soccer in school.

Working it out

He’d work out five days a week for an hour and twenty minutes at 2 or 3 am. SRK is a true Night Rider. We did a combination of functional and strength training along with suspension and weight training. I got these special vibrating dumbbells for him. Other training methods included powerplay techniques which really helped his shoulder and also 10-min cardio. He’d do many stomach crunches. Every month and later, every 15 days, I’d change his workout routine.

Well the Happy New Year actors efforts definitely paid off. Good work Mr Khan!


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