Steps To Make Bitter Gourd Juice For Diabetes

5 Simple Steps To Make Bitter Gourd Juice For Diabetes


Diabetes is one of the most prevalent diseases that we Indians suffer from today. Mostly, it is due to genetics, but sometimes it can be caused by our sedentary lifestyle and improper food habits. In either case, diabetes can lead to life threatening situations. It has to be monitored, controlled and the diabetic person needs to be extra vigilant about his/her sugar intake. Timely medicine intake, getting proper exercise and precautions about the food they eat is part and parcel of a diabetic life. As diabetes can lead to a lot of other health problems, regular health checkups are a must.

Are There Any Home Remedies?

While there is the availability of allopathic treatments, we Indians still believe in traditional medicines and try home remedies often to cure ailments. The home remedies can be experimented as long as they do not harm the diabetic person. Home remedies are safe as they generally consist of common ingredients found in the kitchen.

Bitter Gourd Juice, The Best Of All:

The bitter gourd, more commonly known as karela in Indian households, is not a loved vegetable, thanks to its bitter taste. It is, however an effective medicine for diabetic and anemic people. It’s an amazing blood purifier. As it has hypoglycaemic substance, it helps in bring down the blood sugar and urine sugar levels.

The best way to get all the possible nutrition from a vegetable is to eat it raw. You can also get the maximum nutrition, if you take the juice of it. But ensure that our body assimilates it in a much more effective manner.

How To Make Bitter Gourd Juice For A Diabetic Person?

If you are suffering from diabetes, you should take bitter gourd juice early every morning on an empty stomach for best results. Though most people appreciate its effectiveness, most are unable to look past its bitter taste. However, a little time with a bad aftertaste is better than bad health, right?

Here is a simple and quick way to make this juice at home:

  • Take fresh bitter gourd and get a few lemons as well. To make the juice more effective, add a little bit of turmeric.
  • Wash the bitter gourd and peel its top skin. If it does not bother, you can simply let it be. Many people do not skin or peel the top skin away.
  • Cut the karela into fine pieces and apply salt properly by rubbing it with turmeric. Keep it for some time, and then extract the bitter juice out of it.
  • Once you see the water strained out of the bitter gourd, you can then crush the pieces in the mixer properly.
  • Sieve it if you want. Just have the full juice with the fiber after adding a little bit of fresh lemon juice for taste and tangy flavor.
  • There are other ways of making this juice, but this is the best method to start. But ensure that you have this juice fresh. Also, having bitter gourd juice on an empty stomach is preferable if you are diabetic. If you are overweight, it will also improve the metabolism of fat in the body by simulating bile juice production in the liver.

No matter how bitter the juice may be, gulp it down—bitter gourd juice can do wonders for diabetic people. Get your thinking cap on and blend bitter gourd with other veggies and fruits. Some honey can do the trick too! So what are you waiting for? Bring out the blender, and get set go on a journey towards better health.

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