Sugar Beneficial or Destructive for Health

Sugar Beneficial or Destructive for Health


The Advantages and Disadvantages of Sugar Intake

Regardless if you’re having a sugar-free diet or restraining from the influences of your sweet tooth, you intake sugar through the food that you eat. All that rice, pork, beef, celery, fruit and other types of food that you eat has its own kind of sugar. Your sugar levels determine if you’re at an advantage or disadvantage with your sugar intake. Here are a few things that you need to know.

1. Energy
Sugar is the main body energy source. As your body digests food, your body breaks down the carbohydrates and converts the sugars into blood sugar or glucose that the body uses for energy. The body usually needs 45-65% of the body’s total calories per day.


2. High Blood Sugar Levels
Sugar is not a bad thing for the body because it is the body’s energy source, but when the sugar levels in the body become imbalanced because the body easily breaks down consumed sugar, this can lead to the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes. Simple sugars from candies, sweets, confectioneries and the like make it easy for the body to break them down. When the pancreatic cells generating insulin break down due to the rapid pace of breaking down sugar, it could lead to a decrease in insulin production.

3. Diabetes
Diabetes happens when there is a high insulin resistance level in the body causing high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol. Diabetes is prevented if the body slowly or adequately breaks down sugar at a level that will not imbalance the sugar levels.


Advantage: Sugar is the fuel your body needs to work, grow, and heal. you MUST have some sugar, or you will die!

Disadvantage: Sugar testes good. Americans put sugar in EVERYTHING. We even ADD more sugar to things that are already sweet — like fruit. We drink colas, sports drinks, energy drinks — ALL of which contain TONS of sugar. We coat our breakfast cereals with sugars. We can’t eat a meal with a dessert.

Your body MUST have sugar to live, but too much sugar causes damage to every organ in your body.

The secret is to control your diet, and cut out ALL sources of sugar — like colas, sports drinks, desserts, canned fruits, and things like that. A normal HEALTHY diet will contain enough sugar that your body will NOT die, and you will feel much better overall.

Courtesy of Most Sported & Urdu Digest

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