Altaf Hussain Talking about Separation of Sindh from Pakistan

Altaf Hussain Talking about Separation of Sindh from Pakistan


Altaf Hussain is guiding workers to fight for separate homeland

MQM leader Altaf Hussain who is in self exile and also a british citizen now is giving instruction to his MQM workers that you have to fight for separate homeland because we can not live in Pakistan. Watch this exclusive video that is leaked by one of his worker to the social media and News channels of Pakistan that how traitor of Pakistan Altaf Hussain is giving instruction via telephone to his workers to destabilize Pakistan.

Altaf Hussain Shutting Down MQM

Altaf Hussain Shutting Down MQM – All MQM offices closed on Altaf’s order


KARACHI: All offices of the MQM, including its Nine Zero headquarters, were shut down on Wednesday night on the directive of the party’s chief, Altaf Hussain.

Sources in the MQM said Mr Hussain was “extremely angry” with the coordination committee over some organisational matters. He phoned members of the committee and directed them to close all offices and hung up without listening to them.

The sources said the committee’s members, parliamentarians and other office-bearers immediately stopped work and closed their offices. They converged outside Mr Hussain’s Azizabad residence in a bid to calm him down by extending an apology.

“Altaf bhai is angry…we have to sit here [Nine Zero] and wait till his anger subsides,” said an MQM leader, requesting anonymity.

Extremely Bad Language Of Altaf Hussain For PTI Workers

Extremely Bad Language Of Altaf Hussain For PTI Workers


At an address to his workers last night, MQM Chief Altaf Hussain called PTI’s historic Dharna a shift of “Heera Mandi” where women came to the “chalka” (brothel) to do business, and Referred to Dr.Shirin Mazari as a “naika” (Women’s supplier).

The Question here is this:

A leader of a political party (MQM) that postures itself on being liberal and secular openly hurled abuses at PTI women and those who participated in the dharna. Altaf Hussain also made personal remarks on Imran Khan and heavily disrespected Dr.Shirin Mazari. Is it okay to disrespect women’s right to vote and assemble under the guise of secularism?

Meanwhile most media and women’s rights activists have remained silent on the issue. What is your take on the abuses hurled, and by and large silence on it? We would love to hear your views.

Check Out The Extremely Bad Language Of Altaf Hussain For PTI Workers And Leaders:

Altaf Hussain Arrested on Suspicion of Money-Laundering

Altaf Hussain arrested on suspicion of money-laundering


LONDON: The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Altaf Hussain was arrested dramatically at his home in North West London, according to the Scotland Yard and the MQM.

Scotland Yard confirmed that a 60 year old man has been arrested on suspicion of money laundering but did not name Altaf Hussain.

Geo was the first channel to break the news of the arrest exclusively when sources within the MQM and the police confirmed that it was Altaf Hussain who had been arrested. The police confirmed the news officially at least an hour after Geo broke the news.

Geo was again the first channel to film the North London property of Altaf Hussain being searched by around three dozen detectives from the Specialist Operations Unit.

Detectives confirmed to The News that the operation began at 5:30am and all members of the household were asked to leave the property and Hussain was arrested.

A British citizen, Altaf Hussain has lived in exile in the UK since 1991 after he fled Karachi and sought asylum here. He has been attacked in Karachi several times before he left Pakistan.

Initially the MQM denied the news of the arrest and issued several denials but later on issued a detailed press release and accepted that Hussain had been arrested.

Said MQM on Tuesday afternoon: “Mr Altaf Hussain has been taken to the police station where the Police doctor will examine his health and decide if Mr Hussain is fit to be interviewed. Mr Altaf Hussain is at present in the police station.”

The MQM said the Metropolitan Police arrived at the residence of Mr Altaf Hussain in North London. “They had the search warrant and said that they want to arrest Mr Hussain and take him to the police station where he will be questioned about money laundering investigation.


“We would like to inform that Mr Hussain has been very ill for past several days and only yesterday the MQM Central Coordination Committee discussed his health situation and contacted his personal doctor. The doctor visited the residence of Mr Hussain and examined him. He advised to shift him to the hospital. He also consulted with various specialist consultants and it was decided that today, i.e. Tuesday, in the morning Mr Hussain will be admitted to a London Hospital where he will undergo treatment for the next few days.”

“Today, Mr Hussain was getting ready for the hospital when the police arrived at his house and informed him that he is being arrested for investigation.”

Scotland Yard confirmed late on Tuesday that Hussain has been taken to hospital for previously scheduled medical appointment.

“The arrest took place at a residential address in NW London. Officers are at present searching the address. The man has an existing medical condition and we will ensure that he attends pre-arranged hospital appointments today. He will remain in the custody of officers throughout.”


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