8 Ways to Get White Underarms in 3 Minutes

8 Ways to Get White Underarms in 3 Minutes


If you are embarrassed about dark armpits and you avoid wearing anything sleeveless there are ways to lighten the area. Dark armpits are caused by exposure to certain chemicals like repeated use of hair removal creams, and deodorants and antiperspirants. These chemicals can cause an allergic or irritation reaction and lead to a thickening of the skin, and hyperpigmentation often accompanies the skin thickening. If you have a lot of underarm hair the dark stubble left behind will show through and cast a shadow around your armpits too that give the illusion of dark armpits.

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8 ways you can lighten dark armpits:

If you feel self-conscious about your underarms, here are 8 ways you can lighten your underarms.

1. Place potato slices under arms
Potato is mildly acidic and is a natural bleaching agent. Potato is more gentle than lemon so it can be applied on the sensitive skin. Place a thin slice of potato on your underarm and rub it in there for 5 to ten minutes twice a day.

2. Lemon juice.
Lemon is another natural bleacher and it is stronger than potatoes so don’t use it if you have really sensitive skin. Lemon will also naturally exfoliate the skin under your armpits. Just rub the lemon juice under your armpits for a couple minutes and then take rinse it off.

3. Remove Underarm Hair by Waxing
Waxing the hair will completely remove the hairs so you won’t see that grayish shadow under your arms as opposed to shaving.

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4. Exfoliate With a Lemon and Brown Sugar Scrub.
Dead skin cells can make underarms appear darker so gently exfoliate with lemon which will also bleach the area and some brown sugar. If lemon is too irritating on your skin, you can just use the brown sugar with some olive oil instead.

5. Papaya scrub. Papaya is rich in Papain which removes dirt and dead skin cells. Mash a small chuck up papaya up and leave the papaya on for 20 minutes and wash it off.

6. Cucumber slices are another natural skin lightener. Rub a cucumber slice around your underarms twice a day about ten minutes each time

7. Baking soda acts as both a whitener and exfoliator for your underarms. Just make a paste of baking soda with a little bit of water and rub it in for a few minutes and rinse it off.

8. Try Orange Peels

If you eat a lot of oranges, you can keep those peels to make a skin lightening orange peel paste. When your orange peels are dried up, grind it up to a powder either with a blender or whatever you have and add a small amount of milk to the peel until you create a thick paste. Milk contains lactic acid which is also a lightening agent. Rub the paste into your underarms for about 10 minutes and rinse it off.

Although most dark armpits are caused by dead skin buildup or hyperpigmentation, there are also medical causes of dark armpits and you have to treat the underlying disorder. Some medical conditions that can cause dark underarm skin are diabetes, and endocrine disorders like hypothyroidism, or pituitary gland disorders.

Good luck on trying any of these natural remedies to lighten your dark armpits!

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Foods That Increase Your Beauty

Foods That Increase Your Beauty – Courtesy of KFoods


5 Ghizaaen Chehre Ki Rangat Nikharne Ke Liye

In this article, we are going to explore 5 awesome foods for face beauty in Urdu. Our face is our profile. The beauty and health of the face reflects the overall health and beauty of the personality.

We will be discussing diet for beautiful face here!

According to internationally famous cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra that if you make use of 5 foods (given below) in your diet, not only you would be able to maintain a beautiful face but also your overall health will be improved significantly.

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See Best Foods for Face.

foods-that-increase-your-beauty-1 foods-that-increase-your-beauty-2 foods-that-increase-your-beauty-3 foods-that-increase-your-beauty-4 foods-that-increase-your-beauty-5

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Best Tips to Get Rid of Pimples Overnight

Best Tips to Get Rid of Pimples Overnight Naturally – Get Rid of Pimples Fast Tips


As we all know that face pimples are very serious skin issue, because of which facial beauty becomes fade. We try so many things how to get rid of pimples, especially so many women spend a lot of money to resolve this issue but they were not getting much better results out of them. But the weird thing is that they never try any home remedies for pimples, even when they are very simple and so cheap. If you ever face such kind of issue treat it at home instead of medical treatment. You will see that you are getting amazing results in few days.

Home Remedies for Acne :

Add sandalwood powder in a fresh water or rose water and make a mixture, apply this mixture on face and leave it for about 25 minutes, and wash it off with fresh water.


Potato and cucumber
Take the potato and cucumber juice in equal quantity and apply on face, acne, and black spots removal remedies may cause dryness on the face so apply some good moisturizer on the skin.

Glycerin and almond oil
Mix almond oil, glycerin and rose in equal quantity, and apply on the face every night before going to bed for sleep. Wash your face in the morning.

Yogurt and Honey
Add honey and potato juice in a yogurt and apply on face. Leave it for about 20 minutes and then wash it off with fresh water.

Take one lemon, cut it into 2 halves and extract its juice to small bowl, add some sugar to it and mix it well, then wash your face with lukewarm water, and apply this mixture on your face, remove this mixture from face by doing gentle massage on face. This remedy will help to kill the germ and bacteria on the face, and will make face free of pimples and acne.


Aloe Vera
One another simple remedy for you, try this remedy before going to bed for sleep, you will see how amazingly it removes your facial pimples. Take Aloe Vera gel or Aloe Vera juice, apply this on pimples or acne scars area, leave it for overnight, and wash it off in the morning. Also repeat this in next day evening. Aloe Vera due to its properties is very good for removing Acne scars. Aloe Vera is also good for other skin issues, if you don’t want to use Aloe Vera directly on face cause of sensitive you may use aloe Vera with the combination of honey or sandalwood.


Castor Oil


Castor oil is also the good home remedy to get rid of acne. Apply castor oil on pimples before going to bed at night. Mix little lemon juice in oil to use at day time. This remedy is best for sensitive skin type, applies castor oil on pimples and you will get pimples free skin within a day without any damage.


Dr Khurram Beauty Tips for Fair Complexion in Urdu

Dr Khurram Beauty Tips for Fair Complexion in Urdu and Remove Skin Hair


Summer is a season of drinks, milkshakes, smoothies and flavored milk. But how you feel!!! If you get a secret of beauty, skin diseases and also give a lot of energies just in 1 drink. Yes, off course it is amazing 1 drink is a for the solution of all problems. This drink is good for natural fairness and glow, instant energy, weight loss, removal of unwanted hairs and hormonal control.

Hormonal balance drink :

  • Milk 2 cups
  • Sunflower seeds 2 tablespoons
  • Honey 2 tablespoon
  • Lemon juice few drops
  • Fig 2 to 3
  • Sesame Seeds 1 tablespoon
  • Ice Cubes as required
  • Turmeric powder just 1 pinch


Pour 2 to 3 cups milk in a blender, add sunflower seeds, honey, lemon juice, fig, sesame and ice cubes and then blend it well. The drink is ready enjoy this drink, fig contains extra benefits in summer it control smell from sweat and also good for those kids with wetting bed problem.

If you use 1 tablespoon of sunflower seeds along with soya milk in morning with empty stomach this is amazing remedy for all issues of girls, especially for hormonal disorder, unwanted hair removal, osteoporosis problems after the age of 30’s and gives extra glow on your face naturally.

5 Minute Beauty Secret to Get Pink Fair Color

5 Minute Beauty Secret to Get Pink Fair Color


Dr. Khurram is a very famous dermatologist who always showing amazing beauty tips to girls, his all beauty tips are easily made at home and gives instant results without any side effects. Here he shares very useful recipe of homemade fairness cream which gives instant glow and fairness. 3 amazing benefits of this cream is that it will give instant fairness, smooth skin and remove unwanted hair from the skin. This is very simple cream you can make this cream just in 5 minutes. Watch this video, and must try this beauty tip at home.


Benefits of this cream:

  • Gives Pinkish Glow & Fairness
  • Removes Excess Hairs from the body
  • Tightens the Skin

What you need:

  • Strawberries/Russ Berrie /Cherries 1 cup
  • Milk ½ cup
  • Aloe Vera gels 3 teaspoon
  • Jasmine oil 3 teaspoon
  • Sandalwood 3 teaspoon
  • Vitamin E oil 1 tablespoon
  • Fuller Earth powder(Multani mitti) 2 tablespoon
  • Alpha arbutin ¼ tablespoon
  • Turmeric powder 2 teaspoon

How to make?
Add all ingredients in the blender, blend for few minutes to make a thick paste and cream is ready.


How to use?
Apply this cream on your face, neck and all over your body if you want, leave it for 1 hour and then wash it off with fresh water. Just after first-time use you can feel the significant difference. Just in few days you will get fresh and fair color, and your skin become pinkish white naturally. This cream can also used on kids and young girls who become due to polluted environment and harsh waters. Daily use will give you the best result.

Hair and Make Up Tips by Kareena Kapoor

Hair and Make Up Tips by Kareena Kapoor


Note for Urdu Readers: Urdu main Kareena Kapoor Ki Beauty Tips Kay raaz is page k end per diaye gaye hain, page k akhir main ja kar kareena kapoor ki beauty tips kay secrets parhain.

We’d never have expected this, but Kareena Kapoor believes that less is more when it comes to festive hair and make up.

The gorgeous actress says, “The more simplethe look, the more beautiful it is.” In a candid tete-a-tete Bebo tells us how to look resplendent this Diwali.

With lots of hair treatments and heat styling, your hair tends to lose its shine and lustre. “I like to give myself a head massage with almond oil whenever I can,” says Kareena. A good oil massage can nourish the scalp and help your hair grow healthier.

In the weeks before Diwali, see that your hair is healthy and your tresses are maintained.”Saif loves my long hair, he will never let me cut it. So to maintain my length and avoid hairfall, I follow a no-fuss hair care regimen with Head & Shoulders Anti-Hairfall Shampoo and follow it up with the Conditioner.Plus, it prevents dandruff which is such a turn off between two partners,” Kareena says. Her mum and she have been using the product for over a decade and owe their great hair to it.



Skip the elaborate updos and fancy braids. “Freshly blowdried hair is extremely beautiful, and you can do it yourself,” the actress explains. Moreover, a simple but well-done blow dry will not take away from your own beauty, but rather will enhance it.

Avoid experimenting with too many skincare products, especially before Diwali, as they might cause an allergic reaction or breakout. “I’m not too fastidious about my skincare routine. I keep it simple by washing my face with warm water and using a basic moisturiser,” says Kareena.

“Drink loads of water to stay hydrated and keep your skin glowing naturally,” she advises.

Indian women have gorgeous eyes; so make sure to draw attention to your peepers during the festive season with the right make up. “You don’t have to overdo it. Just outline your eyes with a generous amount of kohl,” Kareena says. The actress always carries a stick of Lakme Eyeconic Kajal in her handbag.

A hint of shimmer and shine is a must for the festive season. “As I usually prefer light or nude make up, gloss is the perfect way to glam up my look,” Kareena admits. She usually carries a lip gloss in her hand bag to retouch her pout between events and other commitments.

While Bebo keeps it understated and elegant during the festive season, there are times when she likes to doll up, and for that she choose her favourite designer Manish Malhotra.

So bring on the understated glamour with Kareena’s Diwali grooming tips, and you’ll be a hit at every party!

beauty-secrets-tips-kareena-kapoor-01 beauty-secrets-tips-kareena-kapoor-02

Instant Fairness Cream on Nida Yasir Morning Show

Instant fairness Cream on Nida Yasir Morning Show


Jhat Pat Gora Hone K Liye Whitening Cream Kese Banayein Jo 10 min me gora karde, Jaldi Gora Honay Ka Totka, Quick Fairness Tips in Urdu Watch Video, is video main rang ko gora karne k upay bataye gaye hain, is video ko dekhnay k bad apki kali rangat ki samassiya khatam ho jaye gi aur ap khud ko bohat charming feel karain gi, :)


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