Fruit Chana Chaat Recipe

Fruit Chana chat Recipe


A fruit Chana Chaat is a very famous recipe (combination of fruits and Veggies that gives yummy sweet and sour tatse).This fruit chaat can be prepared with little time and it is low in calories. Fruits are important ingredients. Fruits provide very good nutritional value and easy digestion. so enjoy this delicious homemade special recipe at your iftar time.


Chana Fruit Chaat Recipe

Chana Fruit Chaat Recipe


Chane aur Fruit Chaat is often used in Ramadan and Fruit Chaat is the main dish on Iftar Table. Here you can find the easy Chane or Fruit Chaat Recipe in Urdu. Recipe requires simple ingredients that are Apple, Banana, Guava, Chickpeas, and Salt or Spice. It is a delicious and healthy dish to enjoy in Ramadan. You just have to read the method carefully and follow the steps written on the recipe.


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