Amir Banne Ka Asaan Tarika – How to Become Rich Easy Way

Amir Banne Ka Asaan Tarika – How to Become Rich Easy Way


Ameer honay ka sub say asan tarika konsa hay? maroof arab-pati nay khud bata dia

Islamabad, ameer afrad main shamil ziada tar wo log shamil hain jo ziada mutala/study kartay hain. aik tehqiqati report kay mutabiq bat samnay ai hay keh jo log ziada kitabain padhny kay shoqeen hotay hain oun main ameer logon ki tadad ziada thi aur oun sub main aik hi mushtarik adat kitabon ka mutala thi.

is baray main aik maroof arab-pati Steve Sobold kay mutabiq ameer logon ki kamiyabi ka raz mutalay main chhupa hay agar arab pati logon kay ghar per nazar dorai jaye to yeh bat dekhnay main aye gi keh oun kay ghar main aik bari library zaror mojod ho gi aur is bat main koi do raye nahi hay k arab pati log apna 80% farigh waqt kitabain parhnay main guzartay hain jabkeh middle class log farigh waqt main novel aur magazine parhtay hain.


Top 10 Habits That Make You Rich

Top 10 Habits That Make You Rich


Did you know that your wealth will be determined by the small actions you take each day? Apparently there are some daily habits that can help you predict your chances of success and increase the possibility of becoming rich in the nearer future. These ‘rich habits’ are considered good habits as they can help you develop professionally and are strong predictors of wealth and success!

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Here are the top 10 habits you can take up to ensure that your pocket will always be filled with cash:

1. Set Daily Goals
It’s not enough to set long-term goals, you need daily goals. At the end of each day, reflect back on what you did and how this has helped you get you one step closer to reaching your goals. Think of what you can do to improve your chances and make sure you set your goals for the next day on your To-Do list accordingly.

2. Practice Active Listening
Active listening is a skill that’s essential to any field as it can help you understand what other people need from you. For example, if you are starting up a business talking less and listening more might be the key to your success. Develop your ability to listen carefully to other people, and you will be able to learn and help those around you.

3. Take Care of Your Personal Health
Exercising and following a healthy diet is crucial to Continue reading

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