No Bigger Fool than You Urdu Column by Javed Chaudhry 14 Feb 2016

Ap say Bara Bewakuf Koi Nahi Urdu Column of Javed Chaudhry 14 February 2016


No Bigger Fool than You Urdu Column by Javed Chaudhry 14 Feb 2016

It was a check for $ 19 million 90 million Check was on the table, he was not only “looked, smiled, kissed and placed back on the table, just check it out, it was a great honor,” the paper this piece was made famous in the whole world in a few minutes he had reached the glint in the darkness of the lost reputation in one fell swoop, he became breaking news media around the world. he is smaller paper piece was by taking the highest paid CEO in the world and Tamil, which was very great honor for the poor children of the city of Madurai Tamil Nadu was eye opening ‘father rgunath Pichai electrical engineer in poverty but family income I was very limited, two-bedroom house, flat, flat in the drawing room floor was the place he was sitting mat spread on the floor, he was so tired he would read head on the floor tech the ‘mother of the market to bargain, street fill with water taps, wire dry clothes and children playing street cricket drive this responsibility with the family chickens and their eggs eyes of the enemy I was his duty to save and get cheaper than what the city where it was his duty and find jhrkyan both father and mother eat his duty when he was twelve years telephone set, this phone has extended his work, he was leaving, the message to other flats in the same block call home message of this whole block of flats and up to convey the race had he been deprived youth to television and the car’s blessing, but his father does not buy the whole life and today he was not only the biggest organizations in the world, but Google CEO was the highest-paid employees’ annual salary was set at $ 20 million.

I had been wanting for so stands sent him air tickets Stanford University when he remembers his childhood was not a child, he had a dark tale of deprivation, Pichai’s surprised to see his father tickets, the tickets father’s income was too expensive, it was a trip to remember he had also read books on demand courses and complete their assignments hanging with Recycle paper was that the buses and on religious holidays dessert was good, he looked out and there was never a time when he missed his grab grab the election went to the twelfth grade kragpur he Indian Institute of technology, then, that there tyusnz I have read Metallurgical engineering degree position was good but the largest university of technology in the world styndfurd gave him a scholarship she has MS, the great work of engineering in metallurgical engineering from the University styndfurd “gone Country I wanted so 2004 when Jobs Exit Google he applied Google gave him a job in the engineering department, which job was part of it for the blessing proved to be “beautiful Rajan Pichai unit” Google Chrome ” the beginning of the project. the project was completed in 2008 and the same Pichai became famous in both Google and the United States, his mind was fertile and they are making new plans for Google’s ayndruyd ‘a Google web browser, or Firefox, Google Toolbar, desktop search and Google Gears all projects were completed Pichai Sundar Rajan, increasing Google’s revenue from the projects Google is currently the world’s richest company worth over $ 554 billion while annual revenue of $ 74 billion, $ 70 billion of foreign debt of Pakistan, as Google earns more money than the total debt of the world’s only Islamic nuclear power in a year, “the company two University students Larry styndfurd Page and srjy but both it began in 1996 when a PhD student at the University, to distribute content to rank on Google aims Internet and to make it easier for people Google 2000 until the world’s most reliable engines of the company is continually looking for new talents from around the world was beautiful Rajan Pichai also discovered that this young in Tamil in Tamil Nadu 1972, it reached 1993 styndfurd University 1995-96ءmyn SMS and 2002 MB O ‘ I wanted to do something in life, Google said it has made it to the very company through this given the opportunity to do it yourself interesting ideas it and fast-growing, August 10, 2015, former Google CEO and Larry Page gave the company became Vice share it, it also owns shares of the $ 60 million to 50 million.

Google’s Pichai was February 2016 the second week of the 19 million to 90 million dollars only salary, Pichai check it receiving the ISO is the world’s highest paid to the “CE” If we change them in ways that two hundred million rupees will be studied Tamil as a poor man’s annual salary of two hundred million poor Nadu 43 years and even sit on the floor to sleep on the floor and that the age of 18 and 12 the age of the telephone and the United States was coming from the television and the car and the child meet other shoes, shirt and had longed for the third and fourth pan who speaks English, Hindi dialects today and also because of his wheat color known far and spoil his shirt who sits drink soup shoes today and that is the son of parents who forgot to polish it Pichai Sundar Rajan, rgunath call Pichai also said that todayGiven the uS government decided to reduce the wages ten dollars an hour to do, which San Francisco announced we 2018 minimum wage will go ahead increased to $ 15 from across the United States and 45 million young people in India I also have a monthly salary of Rs strikes against the two-room flat, a Maruti car and dream of a beautiful wife and passage of PIA employees and KP, which neighbors the privatization and paramedicsten million to give to Europe via Iran and Turkey, and become victims of border police bullets, it Pichai Sundar Rajan sees only $ 19 million to 90 million and then laugh at the folly of those millionsthis complaint of the lack of jobs and opportunities in the world and that inflation, unemployment and balance of live cry cry “Pichai ever look at the check and never spread from India to Rwanda mourn the third world those people who believes his own skin, responsible for the loss of its backwardness, its territory, their language and their governments and those who never enjoyed the blessings of Allah Almighty for the prosperity of temples, tmplz use “Gurdwaras, the boxes are in churches and mosques rub his forehead, and they see that they are waiting for the bell of the clock at the time what the fate of this person, it’s for all those Pichai Sundar Rajan If you are poor in the era of Google, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Viber and GM’s Hummer, if you seek in the world today when 40% of the wealth of information technology and the global company you today “Multinational firm and international brands make up a computer, a laptop or mobile phone lab but if you are poor, marginalized and at this stage then you Deezer, the sadness, the poverty and deprivation and to the world no power is poverty, not out of frustration and sadness, why? Because the world has ever nor will come first golden age, the date he takes the golden age of Tamil Nadu Pichai 43 years only about $ 19 million to 90 million annual salary in the year, if the so far there are poor then you will never get out of poverty.

This is going to laugh and telling you ’round the world have entered the miracle 40 years, But you are leaning forward today with the head of the roof exploding so no bigger fool than you in the world.

History of Walled City of Lahore – Andron-e-Lahore Ki Tareekh

History of Walled City of Lahore – Andron-e-Lahore Ki Tareekh


The Gates of the Walled City

During the Moghul Era, access to the old Lahore walled city had effectively controlled and gained by thirteen gateways, at intervals throughout its peripheral run provided in the huge wall which is not almost invisible. During the period following 1859, outer defensive walls of the city were totally demolished while the height of the inner wall was reduced to nil during the British rule. The fortress of the city of Lahore has been there since the days of Jalal-ud-Din Akbar [1590 A.D] Every day, the gates used to be closed at sunset and opened early in the morning.

I. Lohari Gate or Lohari Gate: The “Lohari Gate” is very close to “Bhati Gate.” Like many other gates, it was built to keep enemies out. Although it is now surrounded by shops and stalls, it still has great architectural significance. In Urdu, loha means “iron,” and the gate is named Lohari because many blacksmiths workshops were based just outside this gate. The gate covers 35 sq. ft has big bastion on either sides of the gateway which probably was built on the original by the Britishers.

II. Shah Alami Gate: It was named after Muhammad Moazzam Shah Aalam, the son and successor of Emperor Aurangzeb. He was a mild and kind emperor who died in Lahore in 1712. This gate was damaged during 1947 and most of the building was reduced to ashes because of extensive fires which was rebuilt and broadened during 1948-50

III. Mochi Gate or Moti Gate: The Mochi Gate locally known as Mochi Darwaza used to exist next to the Laal Haveli, a prominent landmark at the entrance point. In Urdu, Mochi means cobbler, Cavalry Saddles and shoes repair person, which indicates that the bazaar was a market for shoe making and repair shops. Some quote that name seems to be a corruption of Moti. It was named after Moti Ram, an official who was the keeper of this gate during Akbar’s time.

IV. Akbari Gate: This is the most beautiful gate of Lahore named after the great Mughal emperor Akbar, who rebuilt the town and citadel. Close to this gate the Emperor also founded a market, which is named after him, “Akbari Mandi. Akbari Gate is the earliest structure built by Mughals in Fort. It is part of fortification architecture of Akbar’s era and the only example of its kind in Pakistan.

V. Delhi Gate: The “Delhi Gate” was once the main and only road that led from Lahore to Delhi. The gate was built during the Mughal era. Although the gate suffered greatly in the 1947 riots, it has since been renovated and today is in its former glory. Lahore’s Historic Delhi Gate is one of the most crowded parts of the walled city and faces the city of Delhi in India. The present two story structure was built during the British period in the 16th Century.

 VI.  Yakki Gate or Zaki Gate:   Originally it was called Zaki due to its vicinity to the tomb of Saint Zaki.  Yakki seems to be the wrong interpretation of Zaki who fouth against the Mughal infidels from the North.

VII. Kashmiri Gate: The “Kashmiri Gate” is so named because it faces the direction of Kashmir. Inside the gate, there is a shopping area called “Kashmiri Bazaar” . The current structure which was built during British period was repaired by Lahore Development Authority covering 159 sq. ft area and a girls’ college was created. This college, built upon an old haveli belonging to a shah, is a beautiful example of the Mughal architecture.

VIII. Shaianwala Gate or Khizri Gate: The “Shairanwala Gate,” also known as the “Gate of the Lions,” was made by Maharaja Ranjit Singh. After its completion, Singh placed two live lions in cages at the gate as a symbolic gesture to warn any invader. This gate opened towards the river side where there was a ferry. As Khawaja Khizar is the name of the patriot saint of running water and stress, so keeping in view its location it was named after him as Khizri Gate.

IX. Masti Gate or Masjidi Gate: Just behind the Lahore Fort is the entrance to the “Masti Gate,” also known as the “Gate of Merriment”. This name appears to be tainted of Masjidi as it is located in the immediate vicinity of the mosque known as Mariam Makani, named after the mother of Jahangir, Mariyam Zamani.. This area is dominated by wholesale shoe sellers who sell both traditional- and Western-style shoes.

X. Roshnai Gate: The “Roshnai Gate,” also known as the “Gate of Lights,” is located between the Lahore Fort and the Badshahi Mosque. As the gate was one of the main entrances into the city, it was constantly visited by Omerahs, courtiers, royal servants and retinues. In the evenings, the gate was lit up, hence its name. The gate was also referred to as the “Gate of Splendour.” It’s the only gate that is in good condition now and still retains its original looks.

XI. Taxali Gate or Teksali Gate: The “Taxali Gate,” also known as the Tixal (royal mint), was built during the Mughal regime by a Muslim emperor, Mohammedan. There is a very famous shoe market located here known as Sheikupurian Bazar. There are a variety of foods available in and around this gate – one of the most beloved being Sri Pai from Fazal Din aka “Phajja.” Taj Mehal and Shahbudin Halwi are a couple of the more popular sweet stores.

XII. Bhati Gate: It was perhaps named after Bhatties who lived there once but it is believed that they migrated to Rajasthan. The entrance to the “Bhati Gate” is located on the western wall of the old city. The area inside the gate is well known throughout the city for its food. Just outside of “Bhati Gate” is the Data Durbar, the mausoleum of the Sufi saint Ali Hajweri (also known as Data Sahib Ganjbaksh). Inside the gate there is a mansion which is known as Faqir Khana which is in fact a treasure of art.

XIII. Mori Gate: Located between the Lohari Gate and Bhati Gate, the “Mori Gate” is the smallest of the gates of the walled city. This gate was used to remove the waste and disposal material from the city. Mori Gate was never considered an official gate, but the residents of Lahore considered it to be the 13th gate.

History of Walled City of Lahore by Javed Chaudhry in Urdu Columns

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