Man Arrested for Delaying Bordeaux Flight with Fake Bomb Alert

Man Arrested for Delaying Bordeaux Flight with Fake Bomb Alert


French police have arrested a man who called in a fake bomb threat to the regional airport of Bordeaux-Merignac so that his girlfriend would not miss her flight.

Prosecutors told news agency AFP on Sunday that the 33-year-old man was arrested 20 kilometres away from Bordeaux after authorities traced the call Thursday.

The man, who was not named, admitted that he called in the alert to delay the flight because his girlfriend was stuck in traffic.

Part of the airport had been immediately sealed off and police and soldiers were deployed to conduct searches.

The man is due to appear in court in Bordeaux and faces up to two years in prison and a 30,000-euro fine.


Test Cricketer Ashfaq Selling Kabab Rolls on Station

I felt very sorry to see Test cricketer Ashfaq selling eatables on station,Saqlain Mushtaq


Former Pakistan spinner Saqlain hath revealed the secrets of a player playing a Test for Pakistan and he was in England sells kebabs.

He Syed Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Akram came in the first team, he was a good bowler, tall and strong, but go to a training camp in bike crash broke his arm bowling, ten months later returned and then buy several wickets but his car was not as, once again return to the camp for biking accident and broke the arm again, it also ended his career with.

They play provision during the end of the oval was Tooting, kebab roll on the way balhm station Ashfaq there seems to have stopped me, I asked if you were here, he said, in part-time study and sells kebab roll here, I cry this time, despite being highly talented prakh proved he was so unlucky.


Pervez Musharraf Warns India of use of Atomic Bomb

Pervez Musharraf Warns Narendra Modi That Pakistan Can Use Atomic Bomb Against India


Pervez Musharraf warns India of use of Nukes

Former president Pervaiz Musharraf has said that Pakistan may use nuclear weapons against India.While giving interview to Indian TV,former presidents warns that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi can not dictate us ,Pakistan may use nukes against India.He said India was fighting proxy war against Pakistan to destabilize the country but they should keep in mind that it is not only India who have nuclear weapons,Pakistan also have nukes.

Pervez-Musharraf-Warns-Modi-Use-Atomic-Bomb-1 Pervez-Musharraf-Warns-Modi-Use-Atomic-Bomb-2

Former COAS said Pakistan army always remain vigilant on its eastern border.


Indian Politician Wear Pure Gold 4kg Shirt on Birthday

Indian Politician Wear Pure Gold 4kg Shirt on Birthday


NCP corporator gifts self 4kg-gold shirt on birthday

NASHIK: On any other day, Pankaj Parakh flaunts gold ornaments weighing around 2.25kg. So it was possibly only natural for this NCP corporator from Yeola to wear a 4-kg gold shirt worth Rs 1.40 crore to celebrate his 45th birthday on Friday.


Though the birthday boy cut the cake in state PWD minister and veteran NCP leader Chhagan Bhujbal’s presence, he avoided wearing the shirt in front of his senior in politics. Bhujbal, who presided over the birthday celebration programme, had reportedly made it clear that he would not attend the event if Parakh flaunted the gold shirt during the function.

Parakh, however, did not appear to consider that the shirt he got stitched to celebrate his birthday was too lavish a gift for his self. “I have spent Rs 1.40 crore on the shirt weighing 3.9 kg. I have worn the costliest shirt in the world. This was my biggest ambition. I want to see my name in the Guinness Book of World Records,” said the deputy council president of Yeola.


“Passion does not need money. It needs courage. I wear gold ornaments weighing around 2.25 kg every day,” said Parakh, who runs a garments business. The corporator said he was aware of people across the state and country talking about the shirt, and that many were criticising his opulence as well. “There are thousands of people in metros or other parts of the country who gift themselves luxury cars worth over Rs 2 crore on their birthdays. That does not become a news. But when I am wearing a shirt made of gold, everybody is talking about it.”


As part of his birthday celebrations, Parakh organised a health check-up programme for around 300 people with physical disabilities and a blood donation programme. “We run a trust, through which we take up various social programmes. In the last four years, I sponsored surgeries of 125 polio patients, who could not stand on their feet without other others’ assistance. Today, they are standing on their own. I have also ensured that at least 40 of them get employed in our credit society,” he said.


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