Vocabulary Substitutes

Vocabulary Substitutes


1- Think Over It:
1- Give it some thought
2-Consider it for a while
3- Make up your mind
4- Please give it your consideration

2- Postpone It:
1- Can we wait on that?
2- Can I have a rein check on that?
3- Get back to you later
4- Put it off to some other time

3- Just Wait:
1- Hold your horses
2- Hang on
3- Hold a moment
4- Wait up!

4- How Are You?
1- How’re you doing?
2- How have you been?
3- How do you do?
4- Are you all right?

5- What Are You Thinking About?
1- What’s on your mind?
2- You seem a little pre-occupied.
3- Is something bothering you?
4- You seem to be in good spirits.

6- I’m Sorry:
1- I beg your pardon
2- I apologize
3- Please forgive/excuse me
4- I really regret

7- Please Repeat:
1- What did u say?
2- I’m not getting your point.
3- Could you please say it again?
4- Would you mind repeating that?

8- I Don’t Care:
1- I’m indifferent.
2- What does it matter?
3- Who gives a damn?
4- So what?

9- Not Interested:
1- I’m not willing to do that.
2- I wanna give it up.
3- I’m fed up and want to quit.
4- I’m sick of.

10- Let’s Start:
1- Get going
2- Let’s get cracking
3- Move on this right away.
4- Get on this immediately.

11- You’re Answerable:
1- You are liable.
2- You will be held accountable.
3- It is responsibility on your part.
4- You must be duty bound.

12- Be Silent:
1- Keep quiet
2- Please hush up
3- Don’t make a noise
4- Repose quietly

13- I’m Worried:
1- I’m anxious
2- It makes me thoughtful
3- I’m under stress
4- It is quite sorrowful

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