Taiwanese Coffee Machines Print Photos on Coffee

Taiwanese Coffee Machines Print Photos on Coffee


Taiwanese Coffee Machines Print Photos of Customers Onto Lattes

Latte art is something that’s often the subject of photographs, but have you ever seen an latte artwork that is a photograph?


A coffee business over in Taiwan recently came up with the idea of providing a unique product to customers by having photographs of their faces printed directly onto the foam of the coffee they’re ordering!

The whole thing was dreamed up by Let’s Cafe, a line of coffee vending kiosks in the FamilyMart chain of convenience stores. Wanting to generate some buzz about their brand, Let’s Cafe came up with a way to have their special coffee machines print customer faces onto lattes.


The system works like this: when a customer is ordering a latte, they can choose to take a selfie of themselves using a smartphone and then send the photo to the machine. The machine then takes the photograph and recreates it onto the coffee’s foam using a brown edible powder. When the coffee pops out of the machine, voila! Your face on foam!

According to Let’s Cafe, the new feature was quite a success, and the brand got a good deal of publicity through traditional and social media:

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