Things on Earth that Cannot be Explained

Mysterious Things of the World – Things on Earth that Cannot be Explained


There many unexplained anomalies on earth. We can explain what photosynthesis is; we know the earth revolves around the sun and we are also capable of making a phone that unlocks with a thumb print.

But there are things in this world that still remain a mystery to this day such as :

1. The Longyou Grottoes


These are man-made caves made from slit-stones found near China, it is unknown when they were made and who made them.

2. The gate of the sun


A stone structure, for which it is unknown about how it was made or came to be. It is believed the carvings on the structure have something to do with astrological and astronomical importance.

3. Gobekli Tepe


Found atop a mountain ridge in Turkey, the temple was built before the city which shows how important religion was in those days.

4. The Voynich Manuscript


No one knows what this book is about or what language it is written in.

5. Yonaguni monument


It is unknown whether this structure is man made or naturally formed.

6. Stone Age tunnels


An underground tunnel which is completely man-made and dates back to the stone age. However, it is still unknown how they were made at that time.

7. Stone Spheres


These perfectly round spheres are around Costa Rica and go from very large to very small in size. It is unknown how they reached here or what they are for.

8. An unfinished Obelisk


This obelisk was abandoned and no one knows why.

The Unfinished Obelisk (Aswan, Egypt)

The largest known Egyptian obelisk is called the “unfinished obelisk”, which today can be found exactly where it was once semi-carved from the solid bedrock. This stone block was intended to be a 120ft / 36m tall obelisk. It is estimated that a block of granite this size would easily weigh more than a 1000 tons, some geologists have suggested a figure in the region of 1100 tons – 1150 tons. Unfortunately this obelisk was never finished because during the process to remove the block of stone from its mother bedrock, a huge crack appeared that made the stone unusable. Apart from its intended use, the stone had no reusable value to the stonemasons of the day, and this resulted in the stone being totally abandoned (maybe in the reign of Queen Hapshepsut – 18th Dynasty), take a minute to think of how many man-hours were wasted in getting the unfinished obelisk to the state at which it was abandoned.

9. Saksaywaman


These stacked stones sit on each other so perfectly well and that too without mortar.

10. Mohenjo-Daro


One of the earliest major urban settlements with city planning, social organisation and a draining system.

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