World’s Most Expensive Wedding Venue

World’s Most Expensive Wedding Venue – Another Big, Fat Mittal Wedding in Europe


They are one of the richest families in the world, so when it comes to a wedding, it is not going to be a small family gathering. for more most amazing news & videos, You may also like to watch more Interesting News


The niece of billionaire Lakshmi Mittal tied the knot earlier this month during a three-day, £50m party in Barcelona.


Shristi Mittal, 26, was surrounded by musical fountains, 200 butlers, had national museums closed to the public and was served food from a Michelin-starred chef during the extravaganza. for more most amazing news & videos, You may also like to watch more Interesting News

Her groom, investment banker Gulraj Behl, 36 was taken to the ceremony on horseback.

Shristi, is the daughter of the magnate’s younger brother, Pramod, who is also in the steel business.


Lakshmi, who is based in London, is the chairman and CEO of ArcelorMittal, the world’s largest steelmaking company, and holds a 34 percent stake in Queens Park Rangers football club.

In 2008, his net worth peaked at £42.2 billion, making him the the third richest person in history.

The family hired a helicopter to hover over the city and take photographs throughout the event and chefs were reportedly flown in from India and Thailand to serve the 500 guests.


Dom Perignon champagne flowed and the six-tier wedding cake is said to have weighed 60kg.

Reports in Spain said some guests spent more than £20,000 on shopping sprees while they stayed at two of Bacrelona’s top hotels,


The ceremony, which ran from December 5 to 7 began with a combination of Hindu and western-style ceremonies.

On the second day, the guests visited the Magic Fountain in the city’s Montjuic district where they were watched a display of water jets and lights set to the Chariots of Fire theme.


During the final day, the National Museum of Catalan Art, whichwas hosting the ceremony, was closed to the puiblic to accommodate the wedding party

Critics have attacked the Barcelona city council for facilitating the event, branding the extravagant party as a ‘homage to excess’.

Jordi Marto, a leader of the Socialist Party in Barcelona, told The Sunday Times that the city’s officials were fascinated with the ‘smell by the smell of money’ and said it was unacceptable that the city’s public spaces were being put at the service of private interests.

But Barcelona’s mayor Xavier Trias, who was at the wedding, said the event was crucial because it boosted the city’s profile and was crucial to attract ‘economic activity’.


It is not the first time the Mittal family have invested heavily in a wedding ceremony.

When Lakshmi’s daughter Vanisha got married in 2004, Kylie Minogue performed at an ostentatious ceremony in Paris, which is said to have set them back around £40m.


Aditya Mittal, Lakshmi’s son and heir, got married in Calcutta in 1998 where Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan was paid £300,000 to entertain guests. Courtesy of DailyMail

for more most amazing news & videos, You may also like to watch more Interesting News

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